McDonald’s replaces employees by machines in the US

The fast food multinational replaced the staff of 14,000 local employees with touch screens

The 14,000 local McDonald’s in the United States will replace the bar staff by touch screens. The measure has already been implemented in 500 restaurants in Florida, New York and the Southern California, according to CNN Money. In 2017 extend machines shopping in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Seattle.

So far the touch screens were used only for orders carrying. Now the intention of the chain is that they can also be ordered products to consume in the local. The next step in the strategy will be able to buy the menu from the mobile. In 2017 the option will reach a large part of the restaurants mainstream selling.

The extent of McDonald’s arises as a response to the demands of part of the template, which aspired to charge more than the minimum wage. “It is cheaper to buy a robot to $35,000 to keep an employee inefficient charged $15 an hour frying chips”, pointed out in May the former executive director of the company, Ed Rensi, in the New American.

The former executive of a branch listed out all the advantages. “Robots are not sick or are pregnant, do not strike, they always arrive on time and with the enhancements of the software provide an interactive interface and friendly” .

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