Mark Zuckerberg Facebook defends Internet Freedom

Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine in Paris attack, terrorists have tried to suppress the voices of people who have different views, because of this, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) publicly condemns this attack by terrorists, and not planners of terror attacks elsewhere in the world. In today’s public activities, Zuckerberg explained his views on Facebook is designed to allow people to make their voice heard, as well as in limiting the freedom of States to continue to operate, is Facebook’s mission, is independent of commercial interests.

It was Zuckerberg’s third time participating in public question-and-answer activities, stay away from Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California for the first time to participate in such activities. Twice before in similar activities, Zuckerberg spoke about a range of topics of interest to the outside world, for example, force users to migrate to the Messenger, to speed up chat; competition for information space led to “brand page” (Pages) natural growth slowed the way Facebook wants users to share emotions, but it will not have a “step” button.

Today Zuckerberg appeared in Colombia Bogota, received President Huan·sangtuosi and Diego GE·Rolando, Minister of telecommunications (Diego Molano) meeting. Zuckerberg’s trip was to participate in Facebook in Colombia’s publishing activities, while the President met also associated with this activity. application is Facebook join hands in Colombia telecom operator Tigo launched, allowing local residents free access to Facebook, Messenger and other services, as well as health information and Government resources. So far, Colombia only 50% can use the Internet. Before this app is already in Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania and other countries publish, also belong to the Facebook world in cooperation with Telecom Giants are all part of a large project can connect to the Internet.

Allow people to make their voices

At the beginning of this question-and-answer event, Zuckerberg reiterated several statements he made before the first. explains how Facebook use force to make people free access to the Internet, and show people why they want Internet access.

Then someone asked if Facebook would launch a “mark as read” (mark as read) button to alert users who did not see the same post multiple times. In this regard, Zuckerberg said, sometimes you’ll see a friend of a post, then new comments, Facebook will display this information again in the information flow. If you do not want to see some posts, each post in the information flow has the “hide” button. He also said that due to increased competition for limited space of information flow, everything means Facebook cannot be displayed.

In the second part of question and answer activity, Zuckerberg said the smart glasses may be the next major computing platform. However, a sudden turn, been snide Google glasses: “smart glasses is the future of science and technology … But they should not look like we are wearing smart glasses so strange today. ”

But this event is the core of freedom of expression.

Why Zuckerberg was asked not to speak out against other terrorist attacks, such as terrorist attacks occur in Africa, but condemned the terrorist attacks suffered by the Charlie Heb do, he replied:

All these terrorist attacks are scary. We really need to make every effort to stop them. I talked about some topics associated with Facebook’s efforts, for example to connect everyone, so that everyone has the right to speak. Because of this, I think took place in France of terrorist attacks worth the emphasis. This is specifically for people to express themselves freely in an attack.

The attack aimed to let had offended some people remain silent. There are many things that can prevent you from making their voices. The Government can make laws to ban free speech. You may not have the tools such as the Internet to share their views. But if you live in fear, you will be hurt because some extremists might not like what you say, want to kill you, it’s not freedom of expression.

We have to act to make everyone as much as possible to make their voice. In my view, one does not have to speak out against terrorism, but rather we should act together and make everyone as much as possible to make their voice heard, share their views as much as possible. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about other terrorist attacks.

Next, someone asked Facebook why in the relevant legal restrictions on the freedom of States to continue to operate, as well as Zuckerberg think Facebook should be a violation of these laws. For example, Facebook sometimes have to India and Turkey to review content and anti-Government rem Zuckerberg responded by saying:


This relates to our core mission. We want to help connect everyone, allow people to make their voices. By banning the free expression law of the Government, are not barriers to stop people to make their voice. Whenever we were asked to block the content of what we are trying to raise an objection. We will review each request to ensure it conforms to the legal requirements.

Company has not been closed after the legal challenge, was to help change the law without being banned, I think such a handful of examples in history. However, continue to carry out business in other ways to help the country, for example, allow people to establish contact with loved ones, learn from each other, looking for a job. So, I think that is our duty to continue to operate.

Some people say we do this just because of commercial interests, but we have no business in multiple countries, the financial situation so well. If we banned in more countries, this is not the case. Us on mission rather than short-term commercial interests for the development-oriented company. I think that only continued to promote freedom of expression as much as possible, the best service in the world.

Zuckerberg’s point of view is basically, Facebook’s contribution to society, more than morally opposed to comply with limit the benefits of the freedom of expression laws. Facebook can work with States to limit freedom of decorum, to attack it and eventually banned, but this only makes it more his own voice. Facebook’s wish is that through on Facebook contacts with others, participate in discussions, and access to education, the people of a country will be able to change their society, make it more freedom.

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