The man who invented the famous “Big Mac” of McDonalds is dead

The world famous and most favorite burger “The Big Mac” lost it’s creator


On April 22, 1967, Jim Delligatti in Union town, Pennsylvania, McDonald’s sold the first big Macs.

40 years later, United States McDonald’s will sell 550 million big Macs per year per second at 17.

But now, nearly 50 years later, United States only one-fifth in the millennial generation of people tried the most famous food in McDonald’s.

Like Delligatti said, “I never thought my invention would become United States part of the symbol” at the time of creating the double cheeseburger, he did not expect the Burger McDonald’s will bring a great deal of success in the future, as well as the embarrassment of the situation now.

In 1955, Delligatti in Chicago of the United States Association exhibition met Father Ray Kroc of McDonald’s. Happened to be, that is the first time McDonald’s in the stall at the exhibition, and only once.

Delligatti then went to Illinois, visit the recently opened McDonald’s restaurants, and ultimately became one of the first McDonald’s franchise. In 1957, Delligatti opened his first McDonald’s restaurant in Pittsburgh.

Kroc adventures in autobiography, father of McDonald’s venture (Grinding it Out:The Making of Mcdonald’s) would put the birth of Big Mac:

“The ‘ Big Mac ‘ come out, because we need to come up with more sandwiches, with the ‘ Burger King ‘ (sic, General translation for Burger King) and flavors the store’s food competition, this food Pittsburgh Jim·delijiadi first came up. ”Although McDonald’s has achieved a measure of success, but rival, yet they had earlier launched a double cheeseburger. Delligatti thinks that if you want the restaurant’s business for the better, can be achieved only unveil a new Burger. “It’s not like a light bulb. Light bulbs are already there, I just twisted it in the outlet. ”

But first McDonald’s does not accept Delligatti experiments his new product, very well they are content to have French fries and cheeseburgers, Delligatti said in an interview: “all they think they need.” Delligatti Big Mac price 45 cents, McDonald’s was already priced Hamburg 18 cents, McDonald’s fear it will scare away customers.

In fact, beyond Delligatti met this problem, most of those inventions of products from McDonald’s franchisees, who was first tried in applying to the McDonald’s new product always be rejected. 1961 Kroc franchiser Lou Groen found in Ohio to sell his new filet o fish, Kroc’s answer was: “you always come here to say a bunch of hogwash! I don’t want my shop is filled with the smell of fish. ”

For Standardization Management is core competitiveness of McDonald’s for, they must guarantee customer into each a home McDonald’s of when are can buy to exactly of products, increased new of products means with acquisition new of equipment, and again update making process and training employees, if cannot guarantee standardization process and low cost, new products again delicious, and again by customer welcomes may also useless, so these invention who must to McDonald’s proved this is.

Finally, at the insistence of Delligatti, McDonald’s agreed to let him try to sell big Macs, but ordered him to use existing materials on the McDonald’s menu, but only a McDonald’s in Union town for the experiment.

Delligatti spent several weeks studying specifically for new sauces, finally invented the Big Mac as we know. As regards the other ingredients, you may have heard that tongue twister-like advertising: “double beef Big Mac sauce, onion clip cucumber, cheese lettuce and Sesame, everyone ate, laughed. ”

In fact, last Delligatti did not fully comply with the requirement of McDonald’s. Because the material is too much, he found a local bakery, ordering more, Sesame on top of bread to make a big Mac.

You may have already guessed, giant after the popular, that McDonald’s sales rose 12%. Delligatti said: “we used to be the restaurants with the lowest sales in big cities, Big Mac introduced a few years later, we became the top-selling, but also the advantage for many years. ”

McDonald’s agreed to Delligatti in several other McDonald’s restaurants in the implementation of his big Mac, got the same results. Then again McDonald’s in the United States in other parts of the test Mac, continue to sell well.

The following year, McDonald’s started in the country to sell big Macs for 49 cents. First big Mac not big Macs, there are a variety of names, such as “noble” (the Aristocrat) and “Blue Ribbon Burger” (the Blue Ribbon Burger). Last McDonald’s advertising department Secretary Esther Glickstein Rose came up with its name: Big Mac.

And big Macs put together a wider launch of ad. Was United States fast food industry is rapidly growing, intense competition, behind a Burger King and McDonald’s, the other with “Burger larger Burger is better” and “hands” slogan to advertise his Fort Royal (Whopper).

Original print ad, McDonald’s slogan is: “a meal disguised as a sandwich” (a disguised as sandwich meal) and “Open wide and say Ahhhh!” (Open your eyes and say Ah! )。 Later, McDonald’s Big Mac TV ads running, let alone explain the composition of Hamburg.

The Best Big Mac after publicity about tongue twisters, which as already mentioned that: “Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun.”

1974 of McDonald’s customers to find some really recites this tongue twister, if you can recite it in four seconds and that they will be able to get a free big Mac. In front of ads, no one can back out, is followed by an included rap songs. This advertisement popular in other areas when McDonald’s makes use of a tongue twister, but into the local language, in 2013, “I like” McDonald’s also used in the propaganda of the tongue twisters.

In 1969, the Big Mac sales accounted for 19% of McDonald’s total sales.

“Due to the ingenuity of these small operators, the company benefited, in turn, the company’s image as well as the power of advertising and give them a helping hand”, Kroc wrote of the father of McDonald’s business adventure.

Big Macs, filet o fish, Apple Pie, and wheat out of … … All of this is McDonald’s franchisees by inventions or improvements after launch, they brought growing sales to McDonald’s. But these inventors did not receive huge bonuses, Delligatti won only a plaque, he joked: “I didn’t get anything. I’d love every cents one-tenth. ”

Big Mac also became an economic measure. Beginning in September 1986 the Economist even launched a “Big Mac index” (Big Mac index). The index is based on the theory of purchasing power parity, is a method of judging the currency competitiveness, Big Mac sales because a wide range of products yet standardized enough, its price has been a very good measure. Big Mac index assumes that big Mac costing the same in each country, each country’s exchange rate.

For example, in the United States, Big Mac prices averaged US $5.04, which sold for HK $19.20 in Hong Kong, that is, about $2.50, under the assumption that the dollar should be against the HK $3.81, but the actual exchange rate of 7.75, meaning that Hong Kong dollars is underestimated.

Of course, the giant harvest is not exactly praise, on a global scale, it has also become a synonym for junk food. Marion Nestle, a Professor of nutrition and public health at New York University, said: “the Big Mac in the United States–and the world-eating patterns have a tremendous impact, not quite good. It has become the United States flags–synonym for junk food, and prototypes. ”

Is it fame or notoriety that followed in the past, giant always sell well. McDonald’s was most worried about the present situation: people are not so keen on big Macs, in fact, they are not so interested in McDonald’s.

In order to attract young people, McDonald’s has also done a lot of things. We have a detailed analysis in McDonald’s digital. In 2014, McDonald’s launched the “Burger restaurant on demand”, in the restaurant you will find non-standardization of Hamburg, in more than 30 kinds of ingredients in combinations to create your own burger. By 2015, all 14,000 McDonald’s already has more than 2000 restaurant is à la carte diner. But because of the bad reactions, McDonald’s recently canceled the service, leaving only streamline the “classic menu” Burger, you can choose many fewer ingredients, but when selling hamburgers are different.

For a big Mac, McDonald’s also came up with some more tricks.

Starting next year, McDonald’s will be added throughout the United States in two different types of Big Mac: a small Big Mac (Mac Jr) and mega-Jumbo (Grand Mac), which is only one layer, which is two more soon.

In addition, the Big Mac recipe has not changed over the years, McDonald’s Burger recipe was modified for the first time this year and started 126 McDonald’s restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, the pilot joined the Big Mac of Sriracha chili sauce.

Clearly, these measures were designed to revive consumer interest in McDonald’s hamburgers, but how it works remains to be seen.

There is an embarrassing thing is that big Mac launched the beginning of the selling point is “huge”, but now many consumers think it’s not big enough. On Thursday evening, McDonald’s China has sent official micro-blog a Tweet mourning Delligatti, but there are a lot of people in this Tweet under that giant fully enough. Such feedback can occur because consumers ‘ appetite for bigger, or it could be because the Big Mac really “shrink”.

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