The MacBook Pro that all expected

Apple renews the range MacBook Pro with a new design, more powerful internal components, new ports and a screen OLED known as Touch Bar.

macbook pro

During an event at its headquarters in Cupertino (United States), Apple renewed range of laptops MacBook Pro with new internal components and a new design.

New Apple computers debuts a thinner and lighter chassis. The 13 “MacBook Pro now weighs 1.36 kg and has a thickness of only 14.9 mm. The top model, 15-inch, weighs 1.81 kilograms and has a thickness of 15.5 mm. Both variants will be available in two different color: Space Gray and Silver.

The logo of the posterior region of the laptop has been redesigned and adopts the same aesthetic as the MacBook introduced by the company last year. Also, the MacBook Pro speakers are now visible and are located on the sides of the keyboard. In addition, they are more powerful than ever before and offer a greater dynamic range.

The track pad has also undergone slight modifications. In addition to incorporating technology Force Touch, the new track pad is two times larger than that in the previous generation, thus facilitating the realization of gestures through the operating system.

MacBook Pro screen has two sizes: 13 and 15 inches. The resolutions, in both variants, remain constant with respect to the previous generation, but not the quality of the panel. According to Apple, the new model has a screen a 67% brighter, with 67% more contrast and is capable of displaying 25% more colors. It is also energetically more efficient than ever.

The keyboard of the new range adopts the same mechanism as the MacBook already presented by the US company. In this new model, that Yes, it has been improved, and referred to as ‘second generation’.

Both models inside Apple has incorporated the most recent generations of Intel processors. In the 15-inch model, the company will offer a processor Intel Core i7 quad – core, while in the 13-inch model the user can choose between a processor Intel Core i5 or i7, both with two processing cores.

The GPU of the 15 inch model comes from the hand of AMD. The US company has incorporated an AMD Radon Pro 450 Polaris with 4 GB of VRAM and an architecture of 14nm, a chip that is able to offer to the high graphics performance without sacrificing energy consumption. In the 13-inch model, Apple keeps the Iris Intel GPUs.

The SSD has been improved and now they are 50% faster to the latest generation of MacBook Pro, reaching speeds of up to 3.1 GB/s. This new SSD, combined with the new GPUs and new processors enable these MacBook Pro to be between 60% and 130% faster than previous generations – in function of the task and the model.

The cooling system has also been improved with respect to the previous generation, and now has two fans able to better dissipate the heat generated by the internal components.

The connectivity of the new MacBook Pro has also been modified. Continuing with the fashion initiated by the MacBook, the Pro inherit ports USB Type-C. These two new models, Apple has incorporated four of these ports, capable of replacing the classic Thunderbolt 3, VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2 and USB Type-A. Any of these ports can also be used to charge the battery in the new MacBook Pro.

But the big news of the MacBook Pro is screen OLED located above the keyboard, called “Touch Bar”. This new panel (with technology OLED) is a new way to interact and control the computers from Apple, as the company announced during his presentation.

He knew touch screen adapts its content depending on the application that is displayed in the foreground. In the case of Safari, for example, this new screen shows the Favorites, a search box, controls volume, quick access to Siri and how not, the key to escape. In the case of Photoshop, Touch Bar displays shortcuts to tools editing, selection of color or rotations. All of this will be in the hands of developers, who will have a stranglehold on the possibilities of the Touch Bar.

In this screen the sensor integrates Touch ID, located on the right side of it. The MacBook Pro are the first portable Apple to incorporate this sensor, which comes in its second generation – the same as the 6s and 7 – iPhone. It has a coating of Sapphire on it to avoid its deterioration and a T1 high security chip that stores the fingerprint information.

He knew MacBook Pro are available to book from October 27. Prices start from 1,799 dollars for the 13-inch model. The model of 15 inches, on the other hand, will be available from 2,399 dollars.

Apple also announced a new 13 inch model with the same technical characteristics but without Touch Bar, Touch ID and with only two ports USB Type-C – in addition to the jack, present in all the variants-. This variant will be marketed from 1,499 dollars, thus the model of entry towards the professional range of laptops from Apple.

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