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Long and prosperous life to ‘ West world’

So has been the amazing first season of the last great success of the chain HBO, the successful mix of western and science fiction that is West world.

One can identify to which is considered them series of television of the time when, by tell it of any form, its plot makes running rivers of ink because them spectators and them media specialized are very pending of them, waiting for to is debuts a new episode each week to enjoy it and assemble a good analysis of all their details. And if one of those series involves secrets, even to the naked eye as a little game for observant followers, will be solved in a gradual manner with each delivery, the rivers of ink become something akin to the Amazon during its growth in the wet season. West world is, therefore, one of the series of the moment with an attendance of Amazon width.

Producer Jerry Weintraub, who died before his coming-out, aspired to be a remake of the eponymous film Michael Crichton shot in 1973. It tried during years until could offer you the project to Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, after the HBO accept filming a chapter pilot after the success of Behind the Candelabra (Steven Soderbergh, 2013), that Weintraub had produced. Nolan and Joy realized that this was a material that could be devised something far more ambitious; and a faith that that has been the result.


The Crichton’s West world is brief, sober and little stylized, with some sequences contemplative dynamic mounting and musicality obviously by Fred Karlin and the director simply stretch a bit its premise to stay satisfied. On the other hand, it has its own Terminator (James Cameron, 1984), a violent robber dressed in black that embodies the rigid and imposing Yul Brynner. And its sequel, Futureworld (Richard T. Heffron, 1976), his sobriety he added some dream sequence and a further development of the plot, but fails to overcome its predecessor because a tracker as Brynner, which lacks, is long-Tracker.

But the adaptation to series of Nolan and Joy, with echoes of Isaac Asimov, the leaves very back to both, building a complexity dramatic and narrative by which in the future could erect is in a fiction absolutely fascinating if not it is already. A tasty mix of western e intrigue of science fiction, with one’s titles very elaborate of the study of production Elastic that remember to them of True Detective (Nic Pizzolatto, from 2014) and an appropriate band sound of Ramin Djawadi, that already had compounded it of Person of Interest and is in charge of the of Game of Thrones.

And the case is that the music of West world deserves a comment apart because, to the margin of his inspired score, Djawadi has decided adapt themes musical outside as “Paint It, Black”, of The Rolling Stones, “not Surprises”, of Radioed, or “to Forest”, of The Cure, and include versions for piano of “Fake Plastic Trees”, also work of Radioed, “Back to Black”, of Amy Winehouse, or “House of the Rising Sun”, of The Animals. Of that mode, has made of the band sound of the series something more heterogeneous of it usual, that underpins sequences dazzling as the variations of the assault, or which run the veil of truths disturbing to horse between the present and times past of the Park of attractions futuristic in which happens all.

Some images are us seem so beautiful and them there is so unusual as corresponds to the science fiction, and noticed a grateful aroma initial to Groundhog Day (Harold Ramis, 1993) or, with greater accuracy, to the episode “Monday” (6 by 14) of The x-files (Chris Carter, from 1993), the of a routine or succession of made that changes only slightly and whose unforeseen later it derailed for delight of them spectators. Because it expected and necessary is that something out wrong so is trigger the conflict, which occurs, and thus is inevitable agree is of Jurassic Park (Steven Spielberg, 1993), that indeed adapted another novel eponymous of Crichton.

Brings to the memory a film as The Truman Show (Peter Weir, 1998), that is as give you the turned to the proposed of West world because, while in this them customers that is operated in the world recreated for them, and guarded from offices with computers, camcorders and monitors, are aware of the situation, Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) not it is, and which act to your around Yes, unlike the robots of the Park, which in theory could not escape its assigned role programming. And the fun is for customers, while, in the other case, who sports audience that includes the poor Truman.

Here the evolution experienced quite good character that, in the case of robots, is directly related to taking essential awareness and new decisions, and details such as the flies in “The Original” (1 x 01), that also make it pleasantly circular and cause chills in terms of the threat posed by what we see in the background confirm us that the writers do not write anything lightly. As much as the fact that the thoughts about nature, the narrative of the Park’s various characters, such as doctor Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and the man in black (Ed Harris), “Chestnut” (1 x 02) could be applied perfectly to film fiction, what change them in a glorious self-referential metaphor.

The series take a run to pass its Equator. “The Adversary” (1 x 06) is the most interesting chapters and in which truly advances the plot and they will reveal some secrets. As in “Trompe L’Oeil” (1 x 07), with a last scene quite unexpected, leaving exposed the dark side of some characters. “Trace Decay” (1 x 08), as well as other reflections of Ford, which shows some “powers” similar to the Andy McGee in the novel eyes of fire (Stephen King, 1980) or Robert Patrick Modell in the episodes “Pusher” (3 x 17) and “Kitsunegari” (5 x 08) of The x-files, gives juicy information about the mysterious man in black.

The end of season prepares us for the strategic coming show. West world is like a multiple chess game, and perhaps rigged.

As a scene of the outstanding “The Well-Tempered Clavier” (1 x 09), they become a chapter that raises a continuous string of serious facts and amazing revelations, mounted with great talent, that probably the best of the season. And the last, “The Bicameral Mind” (1 x 10), with more inquiries and unprecedented events which serve to prepare the strategic show that will be coming. Because West world is like a multiple chess game, and perhaps rigged, in which more gifted players used their strengths to take advantage of every one of his plays; and its contemplation is our joy.

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