LinkedIn launches a tool to know the average salary of a professional

When you seek work outside of the city or the country where you live, many doubts arise, but the main one is how much does anyone earn in the new sector or new place. For this reason, and to help those who dare to take this step, LinkedIn has just launched LinkedIn Salary, an app that will give to.

Know the average salary of professionals in different cities.

Thus, the user will be able to find in the finder what you earn a sales executive or a Junior program , for example, in different cities. And you can do so through a Selective search, through filters and categories such as City or position they occupy. This also, may serve to prepare for a future job interview.

Many of them are still questioned the salary that you would like to get for their work.

In addition, LinkedIn also provides a list of the best cities to work in a particular sector or the number of offers of employment that is in a specific area.Another relevant data that provide is the study you can do to improve the Working conditions of a particular employee. Put as an example the case of a Marketing director, which gets more easily a wage increase when they have a master.

However, this service, which can be used in the Premium version is not yet available in the whole world, since only users of this social network in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom can access it, although it is expected to be available at the global level in 2017, but we will have to wait.

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