Learn basic principles of programming solving logical puzzles in this beautiful interactive web

Coding is fun!, or “programming is fun “, is a simple but great online video game in which you can learn the most basic principles of the Code solving logical puzzles. Although it is mainly aimed at children from 6 to 12 years old, this is not to say that an adult cannot enjoy it and take advantage of it.

It is a game in which the goal is to help a character named Beep to find a way to recharge their spacecraft to return home. To give instructions to beep you must drag tiles representing actions towards a bar in the correct order.

It’s basically an example of how it works writing orders when it comes to scheduling something. Although at first the levels are fairly simple, the complexity rises quite a bit in the last. You have 20 levels that you can complete in order or choose at random whenever you want.

You can also create your own levels from the site, because they have an editor that lets you build your own puzzles with all the same tools that the game uses.

You can save those levels and share them with other people through codes generated by the level editor. This part is even more interesting to fine-tune your logical skills.

The game is not bad even as a mental exercise, or you can share it with a child you know. The design is quite flawless, even the music is nice and it is definitely a place worth looking at.

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