Just Cause 3 Review: A world full of destruction and nothing else

Just Cause 3 is the second title released this year by Avalanche Studios. It looked more like a Mad max sequel rather than Just cause 2 series installment.

It was less surprising to see how Avalanche Studios was intended to launch two relatively similar approach titles in the same year and, to make matters worse, with only three months of distance between one and the other.

This is not something strange to companies like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Activision as we are accustomed to it, but yes it is striking when we talk about a rather more humble studio does that (in fact, it does not publish their titles) and, above all, Games concept such as Mad Max and Just Cause 3.

Just Cause 3
Gliding over a gorgeous large map is fun but for how much time?

For a while now, with the entry of the new generation consoles, gamers have lifted many critical views against open world games. Rather unfair if we take into account that it is not the only cause of the problems of certain games that have adopted it but that, in a way, begins to be exaggerated the tendency of certain sagas: seems that bigger the open world is, ther will be lack of perfection in the adventure and how much more work there is complete (regardless of variety , depth or quality) to make the game better. Exaggerated durations have become a new sales argument.

The case is that Just Cause is not an exception.In 2006,Just cause adopted the open world as a way of life and, indeed, the mapping of its second installment was, until today one of the most extensive and extraordinary in the history of the games. Studios rather get confused quantity with quality, and that is where the real problem of open world games exist, both today and in the past. If Just Cause 2 was a game lacking in soul and that it gambled everything to give you freedom in a broad and uninspired playground, the third installment goes still further.
On the other hand, although also linked to a repetitive development, the Mad Max de Avalanche Studios released last September made us expect great things from that, finally and ultimately is the great saga of the study. Logical thing was thinking that Just Cause 3 would improve all that, in its day, was criticized to the second part of the saga. But in the video games it makes sense not always met.

From the very beginning, an overflow of project missions whose sole aim is to keep us moving and going to discover everything you play, at the level of mapping and playable possibilities, hidden places and treasures. There is no interest in what is narrated or in the way of telling it. The characters are Machine like and stereotypical and the plot is stretched like a chewing gum losing the track and realising  and getting back on track after completion of boring 2 or 3 missions. Infact, you may put you controller down after having fun with wingsuit and hook for some time.

Thus, it is evident that the Swedish study the bet all that madness, that exaggerated capability of destruction that Rico, the protagonist, accessed through an extensive and complete arsenal. And Yes, collapse a bridge that is circulating an enemy convoy to then take a helicopter from which machine-gunned a base enemy and finish fleeing in a Formula 1 car can be fun. As well as these explosions chain that we see so often have a relaxing effect, causing the player satisfaction. But a project like Just Cause 3 cannot live something as ephemeral as that.

Just Cause 3 Review
There are immense possibilities of destruction

I applaud the decision to put the fun above reality and physical limitations and, as a result, we can move through this comprehensive mapping of Medici thanks to the hook and the wingsuit, two of the most refined, successful and fun of all Just Cause 3 mechanics. How and where we operate are two of the main strengths of a game that, on the contrary, returns to find the extension as differentiating point. Yes, Medici is a more varied map in the aesthetic field tour in the previous installments, but in a year where we have seen the Fallout 4 Commonwealth and the world of The Witcher 3, returning to be patent to that depth and quality should always prevail over the amount.

At the end of the day, that excessive extension ends up focusing on a repetitive mission design and without any kind of personality. Sometimes seem that we’re playing an MMO of fetch quests that, worst of all, is aware of this. In certain sections of the history or any other mission seems in Avalanche seeking to lay the narrative development with the humor of sandbox recent as Saints Row IV, but in the end, everything comes to nothing. Is only in its conception as a sandbox, offering us a terrain where do and undo, where the few moments of brilliance of in game. If your thing is the the wild, wandering the map leaving a huge trail of destruction along the way,Just Cause 3 will be something satisfactory given the wide range of weapons, vehicles and abilities of Rico.

Our Verdict:

just cause 3 rating

Avalanche Studios had it’s bet on all quantity and madness and forgot to offer a minimally interesting narrative and a technical game free of bugs and graphical glitches.  Just Cause 3 will keep you interested only for it’s fun which is mostly found in Parachuting, Gliding, hooks and explosions.


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