Iphone7 Edge may have best display performance

According to the foreign investment report Web site,, latest iPad Mini 4 hints of Apple’s next generation iPhone display in performance will be significantly improved.
When Apple released the iPad Mini 2 initially, although it is equipped with an image displaying the crisp Retina display, but its performance remains one of the criticized shortcomings in the market.
DisplayMate Suo Leila Raymond (Raymond Soneira) carried out a comprehensive analysis of the display of the iPad Mini 2 and eventually came to the conclusion that: the Tablet’s display only “might” be good. And the relatively low prices of other tablets such as Kindle Fire HDX7 and 2013 Nexus 7 display has been “very good”.
Such a pricey high-end tablet is equipped with a low standard of display, which apparently has been rather disappointing.
However, Apple has just released the iPad Mini 4 which unveiled a new display, Sorella’s comments on this screen is “very good”, it displays performance more than the display of the iPad and iPad Pro Air 2.
Let us look at the iPad Mini 4 and what are the important upgrades, because they are likely to be released in the second half of next year  and is of great guiding significance to the iPhone 7.
IPhone display might be laying AntiReflective coating

Iphone 7 Edge
Apple iPad on Air 2 a new anti-reflective coating is used. Sorella said the reflection of ambient light will wash away the images that appear on the screen and reduce the contrast and saturation of an image. The anti-reflection coating can reflect ambient light up to 62%, greatly improving the actual screen image contrast. Under normal light, it can be the image of the screen contrast increased 2.6 times.
He also said that the anti-reflective coating also improves color saturation of screen display. Now even the iPad Mini 4 with lower priority are already using this technology, we almost certainly will apply this technology to the next generation of Apple phones like the iPhone, to significantly improve display performance.
Substantial improvement in color accuracy may be developed
Testing the iPad Mini 4, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by comparing display shows that iPad Mini 4 display in color accuracy is the best among the 3.
Generally speaking, the iPad’s priority is lower than the iPhone’s. As for Apple, iPhone is their main Tech which creates revenue and gross profits, after all, is many times the iPad, and competition in the smart phone market is much more intense than the Tablet market.
Also worth mentioning is that the apples tend to upgrade iPhone in the iPhone replacement screen. Because these displays must be lead for as long as two years, Apple’s next generation iPhone will certainly significantly upgraded the screen.
Apple needs to rely on substantial upgrades to remain competitive
Although he has openly declared that Apple wants to have “best” display and he is confident the company has the ability, but the fact is, Apple’s current iPhone screens are also very good, but by no means better than other best high-end Smartphone screens.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 test results show that in color accuracy and contrast, it is better than the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus . Samsung will release Galaxy S7 next spring.
For Apple, after the release of the next generation iPhone to be on top of display performance to regain the lead again, it must bring significant upgrades to the display.

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