IOS 12 will automatically share the location during emergency calls

Calls to the 911 will now contain information about where the contact is being made.

IOS 12

Apple today announced one of the novelties that will come with IOS 12 when it is released next fall. Thereafter, the new version of the company’s operating system will be able to share with the emergency services of the number 911 the exact location of the person who is making the call, which will reduce the response time thanks to a More detailed information that sometimes the individual itself is not able to provide

The quality comes as a response to the fact that approximately 80percent of the calls to 911 are made via mobile phones, but the current systems do not allow to get an accurate location quickly and accurately. The addition to the operating system, of which there was no mention during the past event in the framework of the WWDC 2018, has been put in relevance by Tim Cook, CEO of technology:

Communities rely on 911 centers in an emergency, and we believe they should have the best available technology at their disposal. When each moment counts, these tools will help the workers to serve our customers when they need it most.

A communication system that can save lives

This addition, which will only be available with IOS 12 in the United States – for the time being at least – is a breakthrough in assistance in critical situations. To ensure its correct operation will use both the proprietary technology of Apple HELO and the rapidSOS, a technology company that works in this field.

In addition, Apple leverages to remember the commitment to the privacy of users, which will continue to be present in these situations. The company states that “User data cannot be used for any non-emergency purposes and only the 911 center that responds will have access to the user’s location during an emergency call.”

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