IOS 12 will allow sharing passwords using AirDrop

IOS 12 includes a new password sharing feature with other Apple devices via AirDrop, including iphones, iPads or other people’s Macs.

With IOS 11 a function was activated to share passwords to common accesses as Wi-Fi points. If an iPhone tries to connect to a wireless network and another device, even if it is not the same owner, already has the password, a window offers to share it.

Apple has taken another step in this direction in IOS 12 that will allow sharing any password via AirDrop, between devices of the company as long as they have the new version of the operating system that will be launched in September of this year.

The new password sharing feature works like this:

IOS 11

1.Access settings → accounts and passwords → Apps and Websites passwords.

2.In the list, select the password you want to share.

3.Press on the password and Touch “AirDrop… “.

4.Select the contact you want to share your password with.

iOS password manager is relatively hidden and Apple does not offer a separate app to manage it, but in iOS 12 you can ask Siri to show them. The command “Siri, show me my password ” Opens the Access Management panel.

Other improvements to password management in IOS 12

IOS 12 also adds a new API for password management improvements, so developers will be able to leverage the access generation and storage system. Before only limited to text fields in Safari, now will be available from any app from which you can do things like:

  • Tips for passwords that are hard to guess.
  • Save the passwords in ICloud Keychain, even if the account is created from an app and not from the Web.
  • Auto-complete passwords by means of a new extension, so that accesses saved in apps such as 1password or LastApp can be accessed, without the need for the developer to offer separate functionality, now it will be part of the operating system itself.

IOS 12 is available as a beta developer. Public betas will be available in the coming weeks and the final version will be released in September.

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