Instagram introduces IGTV, its new app for videos up to 60 Minutes

YouTube competition?


Instagram has presented today what is its new platform designed to increase the quality of the content that users see in the social network. Under the name of IGTV, you can now find more elaborate videos made by brands and people relevant to the platform. From Instagram add that “In IGTV, the creators are the channels “. In order to access this new content we will have an right next to the direct messages, but highlighting that IGTV will have its own application.

instagram IGTV

IGTV aims to enhance the video aspect that Instagram has been amplifying since the arrival of Stories, being also one of the approaches that Facebook pursues on its own platform with Watch. The creators will have the dedicated application and a Web version to be able to manage their content.


Speaking precisely about this content, creators can only upload videos in vertical format, which will begin to play as soon as the user opens the dedicated application. Of course, the videos of IGTV will be longer than those that we can see in Stories (without taking into account the live broadcasts), and its duration can be extended to 60 minutes.

Those responsible for IGTV point out that, “When you discover someone new, you can follow them to learn more about them through their publications and stories, and if you feel inspired by creating your own content, you can upload your own videos to IGTV from the application or the Web “. As part of the strategy to promote IGTV, Instagram has announced collaborations with artists and influencers such as Kim Kardashian, Kevin Hart, Manny Gutierrez, Selena Gomez, Chris Hemsworth, Ninja, Susie Shu, Katie Austin, Bryce Xavier, Lauren Godwin, Lauren Riihimaki and Lele Pons. From Spain also added personalities such as Iker Casillas, Jorge Cremades, Andrea Compton, Dante Caro, the league and Spanish football team, among others.

IGTV will support videos of up to 60 minutes and will feature a dedicated application.

IGTV, a new focus of attention

The arrival of IGTV is the most important change that has experienced Instagram since the arrival of the aforementioned Stories, being able to mark a before and after in the use that is given to the platform. If finally this is so is something that only time will say, but not for lack of intention of the social network, who wants to bet hard for the presence of this content to create a community of followers faithful to it that visit the app in a recurrent way, just like it does on YouTube.

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