India defends Net Neutrality: of Facebook, voted Out

The Telecommunications Regulatory body in India, (TRAI) has published a document which prohibits the “discriminatory tariffs” in data services. The direct result is a disaster for the project, the initiative with which Facebook raised to give free access to the internet in various regions of the world.

The blow to the project is important given that India was precisely one of the markets in which this proposal probably had more sense for Zuckerberg. The creator of Facebook had already been criticised by his vision of the neutrality of the network, and it will be interesting to see what is your reaction and the effect of this decision for the project

TRAI will not be available in India

In the document of the TRAI explains how a study was conducted on whether service providers should be able to charge different rates based on web sites, applications and platforms to acceding the users. The answer was unanimous:

While have made the regulations, the authority (TRAI) has been guided primarily by the principles of neutrality in the Network and seeks to ensure that consumers get a internet access without discrimination and without obstacles.

Net Neutrality

In the statement of the Indian authorities makes no specific mention of or Facebook, but it is clear that this type of proposals will have no place in this country and therefore defend the same principles of neutrality in the network that others had seen threatening.

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