If you have problems with Chrome, try to run the malware scanner that integrates the browser

It’s been a while since the browser became the main gateway for an enormous amount of malware, from malicious ads to fake software that seeks to deceive you with promises of optimization and the myriad of things that seek to track you.

And, being that Chrome is the most used browser of all, is usually one of the most affected by these problems. Maybe you already knew or maybe not, but Google integrated a while ago its own anti-malware tool inside Chrome and you can run it manually to try to correct bugs in it.

The tool was created by ESET, the same security company of popular NOD32 Antivirus, and is responsible for alerting Chrome users of potential threats and can also eliminate them.

Running the Chrome malware scanner

This tool is only available in Google Chrome for Windows, so if you look for it in chrome for MAC you will not find it. You can access it from the Settings menu and navigate to the end of the list. There you find an option called clean computer.

google chrome

If you click on it, Chrome will do a browser analysis and will report you if it finds threats so you can delete them. You can also access the Chrome cleaner by typing chrome://settings/cleanup in the address bar.

google chrome

From that window you will find some additional details, as they explain that Chrome is going to find and remove harmful software from your computer. It also allows you to choose whether or not to send a detailed report to Google about the malicious software, the configuration of your system and also the processes of your computer. By default this is always active.

Although Chrome performs these analyses periodically on its own, if you happen to have the browser is behaving in a strange or slow way, some rare web has hijacked your home page, open popups without sense, and other similar problems, always You can try to do a manual scan and try to get the same Chrome to be fixed only with this tool.

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