Ice cream affects mood

Ice cream therapy Ice cream is not only good, but also therapeutic for our mood, because it helps to fight melancholy and intolerance, mental and physical fatigue, raising morale!

Cold creams of different flavors provide benefits to the palate, but especially to the mind. Enjoying a good ice cream transmits psycho physical pleasure (31%), makes you return to childhood (27%), excites you (24%) and the sensations vary according to the chosen tastes!

Some examples?

Chocolate and kiss can lift the morale of those who are low tone, creams of colors like black cherry, pistachio or exotic flavors are recommended for those who seek relaxation, coffee or tiramisu are ideal for those who want to recharge, while the cream is suitable for those who want to console themselves after a day of anger and headaches.

But to support the results of this study there are other international surveys carried out in recent years, which confirm the psychological benefits of ice cream!

According to experts at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, eating ice cream gives the brain, same feeling of pleasure as listening to your favorite music, but again there are different perceptions and reactions depending on the age!

For example, those over 40 years of age find ice cream a delicious reward after a day of hard and intense work, while adolescents consider frozen sweets as a refuge in which to console themselves after a sentimental pain.

But ice cream (like baked pasta made with tomato, meat and bechamel) can trigger a chemical reaction that can take us back in time, to childhood.

According to experts, those who choose a drink need to carve moments of relaxation (41%), the cone is chosen by those who seek to share (36%), escape (32%) and confirm themselves in others (25%), while the stick is typical of those who want to live strong and intense emotions, to enjoy quickly.

So why not try to do it at home without a refrigerator with good and healthy ingredients?

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