How to reset Windows 10 to its original state without losing your files and settings

One of the most common practices since Windows is windows, is to solve almost any problem taking the drastic measure of formatting the computer and reinstall the operating system. So normal it is, that the same Microsoft decided to basically include the function within Windows 10.

Maybe you know her, maybe you don’t. But the option to restore the computer in Windows 10 can help you solve many problems in your computer returning Windows to its original state, as newly installed, and best of all is that you also have the possibility to do it and keep your files.

If you wonder how to know when it’s time to reset the system, Microsoft gives you an answer that seems obvious and even funny: when the computer doesn’t work properly and you’re not sure why.

Remember that if in your case the bugs appear after upgrading to a new version of Windows, you can always try the option to return to a previous compilation, is much faster than reset and you lose absolutely nothing.

How to reset Windows 10

Press the Windows + I key to open the configuration panel. Then click on Update and Security > Recovery > Reset this PC > start.

reset windows 10

Once you have pressed the button to start a pop-up window will appear that will give you two different options to restore your computer. The first lets you keep files, and the second one says remove everything.

reset option

To make it clear, the first option will reinstall Windows 10 maintaining your personal files. You will remove the installed applications and drivers, remove any changes made to the configuration.

The second option reinstall’s Windows 10 and removes all personal files, applications, drivers, configuration changes and applications installed by the manufacturer, but if your computer came with Windows 10, the manufacturer’s apps will be reinstalled.

While both options erase the settings you’ve set, remember that many Windows settings (up to the wallpaper) can be synchronized with your Microsoft account if you use it to log on to your computer. So this way you can keep several settings when you enter again.

How to reset Windows from the login screen

If you do not have access to Windows or you cannot open the configuration pane, you can also reset the computer if you restart from the login screen. You can display the logon screen by pressing the Windows + L key.


From the login screen press the SHIFT or SHIFT key at the same time you select the Start/Stop button and then select the Restart option. This will show the troubleshooting screen and advanced startup.

choose option

There you choose, troubleshoot and then select Reset this PC.


The process can take more or less time depending on several things, the speed of the hardware you have, the amount of files you have stored, or the astral alignment of the planets.

In some cases it can work very fast and leave the equipment as new in a few minutes. In others unfortunately they can spend hours and you will still see the animation waiting for an eternity.

In some cases the reset fails and you probably have no choice but to download a Windows image and make a completely clean installation. If something is important to remember is to have the computer connected to an outlet in case it is portable, you do not want it to turn off mid-process.

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