How to repel mosquitoes: natural remedies and artificial remedies

When summer comes and mosquitoes start to proliferate we do not see how to get rid of them and try not to get bitten. Especially if we are especially sensitive to their bites – some people may be allergic to them – or if we have children at home. We try everything, but there are some things – like anti – mosquito bracelets – that we already know do not work.

So what can we do? Are there natural and home remedies to repel mosquitoes or do we have to limit ourselves to artificial ones? And which are they? To answer all these questions, we have made a compilation of both natural and artificial remedies that is proven with evidences that do work.

Natural or home remedies against mosquitoes

Fortunately, in nature there are substances that can be unpleasant for insects and help keep them relatively distant. These substances can be used in ointments and oils that help us repel mosquitoes.

What these types of oils and ointments achieve is that the smell of the substance that displeases mosquitoes camouflages our smell since mosquitoes locate us and are attracted by the lactic acid and octene secreted by our skin. What these substances do is prevent the mosquitoes from detecting us, but they do not kill them, they do not poison them or anything similar. In any case, the effect of this type of remedies is always short – around two hours.


Among the natural remedies that we can use are:

  • Citronella : Citronella can be effective in repelling mosquitoes, but it is not the most effective option we can find. The repellents made with citronella only protect for about two hours. In any case, they are not as effective as some artificial repellents. However, adding vanilla to the oil seems to increase its effect.
  • Eucalyptus : is the only plant-based repellent that has been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control in endemic places of diseases since it helps to prevent malaria. In any case, the duration of the effectiveness is also quite short, so we would have to reapply often.
  • Garlic : garlic can save us if we do not have anything else at hand. Rubbing our skin with garlic can prevent us from avoiding mosquitoes, but the effect is quite moderate. In any case, if we are in a hurry, and we do not have anything else at hand, it can be helpful.
  • Patchouli oil : Patchouli oil is also effective in repelling mosquitoes. In cases where the essence is undiluted, the effect can last two full hours. However, when oils have between 10% -50% concentration the duration is less than two hours.

Artificial remedies that keep mosquitoes away


Artificial or chemical anti-mosquito repellents have proven to be the most effective in terms of repellency and durability. This type of repellents can last up to six hours, especially DEET.

  • DEET : this type of repellent is also known as N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide. It is one of the most effective and can also be used in different bugs besides mosquitoes. This substance can be found in many repellents that we can find in stores. This type of repellent is quite safe, but it can cause rashes. In any case, we must make sure to use it as indicated in the instructions.
  • 1-piperidinecarboxylic acid or Icaridin : is the component of AUTAN. Its effectiveness is similar to that of DEET and the duration is also similar. In its side effects can be found causing a slight skin irritation.
  • Permethrin : insecticide not suitable for skin contact because they can cause rashes. On the contrary, they can be used in fabrics, footwear or clothing.

These repellents are more effective and durable than natural ones, but according to some researches, it can be extended if we make a combination of DEET, Icardina and Eucalyptus oil, creating an almost perfect repellent.

We must always remember that chemical anti-mosquito repellents are not recommended for use in children. If you do, you have to apply it on children clothing and try not to touch it with your hands.

The choice is ours, but we choose the products we choose, we must take into account the duration of its effectiveness to re-apply it whenever we need it, without going too far.

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