How to recover spam messages on WhatsApp

The high reach of any communication channel can be measured in its ease to become a gateway for spam. This is the case of emails, calls and now also of instant messaging applications such as Telegram or WhatsApp.

The two tools offer us the possibility to report and block a user or group as spam. Once we do this the blocked person can no longer contact us and in addition, the conversation is completely deleted. What happens then if we mark a chat as spam by mistake? If this has happened to you pay attention, we tell you how you can recover the messages marked as spam.

If your mobile is an Android

chat backup

First of all we must bear in mind that WhatsApp allows us to activate the option to create daily backup copies of our chats at 2 in the morning, so that everything is stored automatically Google Drive and also in the files of the copy of WhatsApp security, which means that if something is deleted before the backup of that day is made, the content is lost forever. Another thing is what is deleted from days ago, that we do have a way to recover it.

The first thing we will do is connect our smartphone to the computer using the data cable and look for the folder called “WhatsApp”. We enter it and look for the files collected in “DataBases” (WhatsApp backups) that will appear with the name “msgstore.db” by default. The files have the corresponding date of creation, so we will have to extract the date of the specific date that we want to recover.

data base whatsapp

Once we have extracted the file that we want to recover we have to uninstall WhatsApp from our mobile and reinstall it. It is very important that we remove the data or WiFi from the phone to prevent the app from restoring the last backup stored in Google Drive, and thus access the files we have extracted in the terminal.

restote chatAfter selecting the file that we want, we just have to click on the “restore” option and wait for everything to be configured again until the point we have selected, thus recovering the messages we were looking for. It is important to keep in mind that subsequent messages will be deleted, but once we save what we need to recover we can return to the last backup in a normal way.

How to reset deleted messages in iOS

ios restore

If the WhatsApp conversations have been deleted in iOS, it is easiest to recover them from the backup saved in iCloud. The mechanism is similar, but we must have a copy before the history has been deleted.

To save the chats we must do it through the WhatsApp Settings> Chat settings> Copy of chats> Make a copy now. With this option what we will do is copy our current history to be able to recover it when we are interested.

If we want to reset it we must go to Settings> General> Storage & iCloud> Manage storage of iCloud. There we will have the backup that we would have saved what happens is that this copy overwrites the one we have.

The message history of WhatsApp is not stored on your servers, but with iCloud we can retrieve them through the chat history.

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