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How to highlight a message on WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp premieres the starred or favorite messages in the new version of its Android application that we can download right now from its website but will be arriving throughout the world through Google Play in the coming weeks.

Thanks to the new WhatsApp highlighted messages, we can now mark the important messages to access them more quickly as a reminder or so that we don’t forget to answer them later.

How to highlight a message

whatsapp starred messages

The starred WhatsApp messages have no great mystery. To highlight a message we just have to make a long press on the message and click on the new icon of the star. Our message will be highlighted, showing a star next to the time.

whatsapp message

To see all our starred messages we just have to go to the main WhatsApp view, click on Menu and enter starred messages. There we will see the whole list of starred messages. By clicking on a highlighted message we will enter the original conversation.

whatsapp messages

To eliminate a highlighted message we just have to follow the same steps to highlight it, that is, make a long press and click on the crossed out star icon.

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