How to deactivate WhatsApp for lost or stolen mobile-UPDATED


In the unfortunate event that you lose or your mobile is stolen, anyone could open your WhatsApp, read the messages and write to your contacts (if the phone is not protected). Today we will see how you can deactivate your WhatsApp account, without your smartphone.

WhatsApp does not have any access protection, so if someone can access the phone – because it has no PIN or protection, or because it was unlocked – you can also open your WhatsApp. If this is your case, or if you simply want to disable the WhatsApp of one of your phones, today we will see how to do it in three different ways.

Option 1: log in to another mobile


WhatsApp can only be active on one device at a time, so when you log in to a mobile, it closes in the other. There is a problem, however, and that is to log in with WhatsApp with your phone number you need to confirm your number by SMS. And this will arrive at your old lost / stolen phone.

So, first you need to cancel the previous SIM (by calling your operator) and request a duplicate SIM. With luck, you could have it in the same day going to a physical store, although it is more normal for the shipment to be by mail and it takes you a day or two to arrive. When you have your new SIM with your old number, log in to WhatsApp, as always and the session will be closed on your other mobile.

Option 2: erasing all data


The most effective option if you must avoid that your WhatsApp falls into the wrong hands is to erase all data from your mobile remotely. This will greatly reduce the chances of you recovering your phone, but it is an effective way to make sure that your WhatsApp is not accessible to anyone on your stolen or lost mobile.

If your mobile is Android, you need to use Google Find my device, which we talk about in depth here. One of the available options is Clear device data, which will delete everything, including of course your WhatsApp.

In iPhone the process is the same, only that it uses Find my iPhone (or Find my iPhone). Similarly, one of the options is Delete iPhone, which will erase all data including WhatsApp. After deleting it, you will not be able to continue tracking its position.

Option 3: Writing to WhatsApp


The help of WhatsApp states that, in case you want to deactivate your account, write an email to with the subject “Stolen / lost phone: Please deactivate my account”. The text “Stolen / Missed Phone: Please deactivate my account” should appear in the text of the message, as well as your phone number, in international format.

That is, if the international prefix of your country is 1 (that of united states) and your telephone number is 666 123 2221, you must write +16661232221. Send the message and wait for the answer. It is possible that WhatsApp needs some type of verification of your identity before proceeding to deactivate the account.

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