How can you read your emails without being connected to the internet

To read your emails you do not always need to have an internet connection.

It seems a contradiction, but if you run out of access to the network, there is a function that could make things easier for you: offline browsing.

Thanks to it, you can access your email platform without being connected. In addition, it will allow you to post mail, save connection costs and avoid spending your device’s battery.

It is not available on all platforms, but it is available in Gmail and Outlook, the most used in the world.

We tell you how to activate this option.

What can you do in “offline” mode?

  • Read and respond to messages
  • Access the attachments
  • Send new messages
  • Schedule automatic responses
  • Organize the inbox
  • View and edit the calendar
  • Respond to meeting requests
  • View and edit contacts
  • Search for emails
  • Create signatures

If you use Gmail

If you use the Google system you can download the extension “Gmail or offline” when you are connected.

You can also search for the option “No connection” in the “Settings” menu, as long as you are using Google Chrome.

This function will help you to check the emails you have received, but you will not be able to see the new emails that are coming to you. Your emails will be synchronized on your hard drive.

You can also write drafts and scheduled answers, which will be sent immediately when you connect to the web.

In Outloook

The Microsoft platform also offers an option without internet: the Work without connection” mode.

Applies to Outlook for Office 365, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007.

To activate the system, just select that option in the “Send and receive” tab. You can activate the connection again on that same button.

If you use the app, choose the option “Offline configuration” and choose the option “Activate offline access”.

You can not send or receive mail until you reconnect to the server.

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