Google has a plan to improve updates of Android

Through extensions, Google will keep updating the key points of Play-related services.

Android Updates

Updates on Android are a problem. It is perhaps the biggest handicap if your terminal is outside the clean Android that Google offers through the Nexus, and recently with the Pixel. If your operator/manufacturer does not update the terminal software, basically you stay in the past, and cases in which Yes update them, are rare occasions when they do so in a short time since Google makes available to manufacturers of new Android updates.

Google knows that this is a problem, both for the ecosystem Android manufacturers and users, so that the next review of 7 Android, the company wants to put on the table a partial solution to this situation. How? Through what it calls, extensions. Turns out that Google has updated the application compatibility document for Android 7.0, adding a number of new specifications that will have to be accepted by the manufacturer if you want that your handset is compatible with Google services.

This inclusion is within the agreement on distribution of mobile applications or MADA, and includes, among many other things related to the compatibility of apps on Android and on the future of the updates: AOSP must preload the implementations of Android devices, both for the shared library ExtShared services ExtServices with versions greater than or equal to the minimum versions allowed for each level of the API. For example, for the implementation of Android 7.0 on a device that works with 24 level APIs, at least the version 1 should be included.

The grace of the matter is that with this system, can be updated easily through the Play Store key Google services within the system, so regardless of the form or the time it takes the manufacturer to offer key updates to the system, the most critical ecosystem services of Google Play and the point always can be updated directly by Google.

Yes, full control over the updates are still beyond the reach of Google, but the updating of critical services through Google Play using these extensions is still better that what there is today.

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