Google Earth now allows you to measure distances and areas with a new tool

Usually the most used Google application when we have to see a place on the map, an image of it or simply that restaurants are in the vicinity is Google Maps, but while some things can not be done with Google Earth, several are the Users that use this application and perhaps starting today will start to be more used.

Google has just updated Google Earth introducing a great new tool, which many lovers of geography will surely use. This is the measurement tool (Mearure tool), which as its name indicates allows to obtain different measurements of distance, perimeter and area.

google earth

According to Google, this tool that allows to measure in Google Earth until yesterday was one of the most requested features by users, that’s why Google developed it and today is actually both in Google Earth for Chrome, and also in the Google application Earth for Android and soon will also be available in the app for IOS.

As you can see in the images, distances between two points of the globe, areas and perimeters of parks, cities, fields, buildings and more are measured.

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