Google Analytics adds functions for cross-device strategy

google analyticsThe Google team announced new features for Google Analytics, which will facilitate the dynamics of those who opt for a cross-device strategy.

To provide context to the interaction of users with a site, Google Analytics will combine their metrics to show in a single report, the entire journey they have made visiting the web from different devices.

That is to say, with these functions that will be implemented, visits from mobile devices on the one hand, and desktop visits on another report will no longer be shown; but it will give an overview considering that users do not interact from a single device.

The Google Analytics report may reflect, for example, that users make quick queries from their mobile devices, and then a deeper investigation from their desktops. Depending on the service or product offered, this information will help guide the strategy to enhance the user experience, or prioritize advertising on different platforms.

And, given the interactions and conversions made by users from all their devices, the new features will also provide useful data to segment the audience, create re-marketing campaigns, among other possibilities.

Those who wish to try these new features just have to activate Google signals, following these steps

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