How to get valuable information from RAM

One of the most important hardware elements in the correct functioning of our equipment and of which less information has been offered to us historically about it is RAM.

Luckily, Microsoft has long since realized this error and in each update of Windows 10 we can see more and more information about it, beyond the consumption we are making, in fact, we can now see the slots we are using, speed and similar data, but we still lack certain information.

That is why we are going to complete the information that Windows 10 offers us with RAMExpert a free software, very light and simple to use and that will offer us that extra information that Microsoft is not yet able to give us or simply does not think is interesting for us.

As we can see in the screenshot, in addition to general information about the total available memory, the instant consumption or the number of available slots, we can also see some interesting data from each memory.

In fact, as soon as we start working with this tool we are struck by the fact that we are offered the following information:

  1. Maker
  2. Model
  3. Kind
  4. Serial number

ram expert

These data are of vital importance if we want to expand the memory of our team or if we want to replace any damaged module, since the memory we acquire should be of the same characteristics as the one we already have.

That is why thanks to this tool, together with the information that Windows 10 offers us in the Task Manager, we can obtain a huge amount of data in relation to our installed memory modules, from instant consumption and maximum capacity, to the brand and model thereof, and even the serial number, something that will come in handy if we have to manage a guarantee, for example.

Therefore, if you want to have all the information related to this important hardware element, do not hesitate to try this software and obtain valuable information.

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