Get to know the public facilities in UAE with unattended transaction model

Udrive self service rental car

Udrive is a Self-Drive-Car rental service available in UAE.
Udrive introduce a uniq rental procedure, there is not require a dealing with organizaton or personal, only special applications need to be installed and can be downloaded from playstore.
Transactions is carried out through mobile phone facilities, only one time registration then customer can drive a rent car with a relatively low price,
the location and type of the car will be shown on application even by some one who do not register though.
Please see the example below the display location of Udrive vehicle which appears on the mobile phone when some one searching it trough application.

By renting Udrive car the customers do not need to pay toll fees, gasoline, insurance and parking fees.
Disadvantages we can say is about limitation of area where we can go to, Udrive rent vehicle can be used inside city only, for example vehicles provided in Abu Dhabi can use only around the city of abu dhabi, customer will get notification when they drive out of city. But do not worry because Udrive is also available in several other cities in UAE, including Dubai and Ajman.

Four easy steps to rent Udrive

Download and install Udrive mobile app, sign up with document ready on hand, for registration several documents are needed such as ID card, Driving license, and Credit or debit card, it will take only afew minutes.

Wait for Udrive team to verify all documents and information. It takes about 4 hours, but usually much faster. Once done, new custmer will receive an activation email with a PIN

Locate, reserve and open a car through mobile app. Once the car is open, enter PIN on the device in the dashboard to activate the car. Take the car key from the device to switch on the car.

Drive from anywhere to everywhere and return the car at any location within the same city from where you started your trip.

When car to be returned after use, it must be parked in the parking lot allocated for public parking, never park in a community private parking area, such as at the school, at hospital or offices, even there are slot parking area available. Many survey conclude that consumers are generally satisfied with this renting model.

Cyacle self service rental bicycle

Cyacle is a fully automated cycle hiring scheme in Abu Dhabi. It works by giving users convenient access to short-term bike rentals from stations around the city. Open the Cyacle app to see rent station location then rent it using a membership card or ride code.

Cyacle is the way to have a bicycle with a dime, customer feel the fun and convenience when using it, here below is the step to get cyacle;
Get the Cyacle app, download and install to our mobile phone.
Open the Cyacle app to see nearest rent station
Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, station map, and a docking system that releases bikes.
Using credit card or debit card purchase a one day or three days pass from station kiosk, remember ride code shown on the kiosk screen.
Use a ride code to get a selected bicycle.
For members can directly insert membership key to unlock a bike.
Lets fun, it is really affordable and convenient way to get around.
If you want to ride more longer, return the bike to any station every 60 minutes.
When you are done riding, bring the bicycle to cyacle station, ensure bicycle locked properly.

Self service kiosk payment

A self-service kiosk is an unattended payment terminal installed in a public place to allow anyone to pay for goods or services. Detailed instruction how to use is shown on the screen, everyone can operate easily. The kiosk is supplied with a cash acceptor, a receipt printer, a plastic card dispenser and a barcode scanner. Customer can select any of the provided services to be paid on the touch screen and insert money in the cash acceptor, the payment will be credited immediately. Customer can pay an invoice for the amount specified in the invoice by credit card or debit card, customer can buy a payment card of a fixed value as like a voucher provided by agent who have cooperation with kiosk provider.

Kiosk IT System Trading LLC is the company who providing self service payment machine. The machines are distributed all over the city in Uni Emirate Arab including Ajman and Ras Alkhaimah.

From time to time company developing software and creating more service to fulfill customer demand, new model kiosk has facility for displaying advertisement therefore the new machine has screen size bigger than old model, see the below picture, showing people using kiosk machine for their transaction.

Different services available in UAE are outlined here below;

  • Etisalat prepaid
  • Etisalat postpaid mobiles
  • Etisalat eLife (TV + Internet + landline phone)
  • DU
  • DU Prepaid bundles
  • FEWA
  • Salik
  • Ajman Transport
  • Ajman Sewerage
  • iTunes Store UAE
  • XBox Live
  • PlayStation Store
  • PayFort
  • Zakat Fund
  • Dubai Charity Association
  • Hello Card
  • Five Card
  • Dubai Police
  • Masaar Card
  • Careem¬†
  • Office365


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