These were the games and most downloaded apps of Google Play in 2016

Google has released the annual list of ‘greatest hits’.

Dare you to guess what have been the games and most popular applications of the universes Android? If yours are not gambling, don’t worry: we will clear all your doubts, telling you the ranking of most successful titles from top to bottom. Google has taken a look back and drafted, going over the last 12 months of the year, several lists “top” with which you can get a good idea of what have been the preferences and tastes of users globally. And, Hey, there is something for everyone.

In the games section, that Yes, few surprises can lead us. The undisputed king has been (step up drum…) ‘Pokemon Go’, which is followed by another successful title gamer this 2016 in the mobile segment: ‘Clash Royale’. After this, and in order to download, are ‘Traffic Rider’, ‘’ and ‘Dream League Soccer’.

Applications the variety is a little more striking – and say that up to unexpected in some case. The most popular in this 2016 app – we repeat, to level world – has been Face Changer 2 (change sides), which follow you ‘Lumber – Photo & Selfie Editor’ and ‘Castbox – Podcast Radio Music’. The four place occupies Emoji Keyboard Pro and the fifth MSQRD.

The company, based in California, has also unveiled the top5 in matter of films (Deadwood and Star Wars: The Force Awakens lead the list) and until Google Play Music Song (first place is Stressed Out of Twenty-One Pilots and the second for Justin Bieber Sorry). The Marvel superhero also releases list of the most popular books. You can check the complete list of all categories discovered by Google on the link you have in source.

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