Five boxing games for iOS and Android free and with good graphics

For all those who like boxing and the fights of the ring we bring you a small selection with the best free mobile games. A collection with five boxing games for iOS and Android, all of them free but also with good 3D graphics to move us to the fight and see the different shots up close.

We have selected from some with a more lively style, others based on official competitions and even some of robots that box. Five games, plus a sixth bonus, which will delight those who like this type of contact sport.

Boxing Star

We started with the most recent boxing game. Boxing Star has a style of drawing graphics but of great quality. We have story mode, various skills and the ability to customize our boxer and everything around him. Very dynamic and fun but with great game-play.

Download Boxing Star for Android | iOS

Real Boxing 2 Rocky

I could not miss a game based on the character of Rocky Balboa. A boxing game with spectacular graphics based on Unreal Engine 4, a multitude of movements and a great tactic behind. We have from individual mode to PVP.

Download Real Boxing 2 Rocky for Android | iOS

Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao

If on the contrary you are Pacquiao fans, we have the first generation of Real Boxing. A game that combines fights, challenges, rewards and an online multiplayer mode. A classic that has continued to be updated despite the passage of time.

Download Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao for Android | iOS

Real Steel Boxing Champions

real steel boxing

Robot fights in the ring. The Real Steel series offers us a game where we will build our champion based on more than 1500 pieces and where we will participate in tournaments with more than 25 combats and epic bosses. A different perspective of boxing games.

Download Real Steel Boxing Champions for Android | iOS

Real Boxing

It’s the classic boxing game for mobile. The Real Boxing of Vivid Games has everything you can look for. Good graphics, movements, beats, multiplayer mode, personalisation of the fight and even a retro arcade mode.

Download Real Boxing for Android | iOS

Bonus: EA Sports UFC

The UFC encompasses a multitude of martial arts, including boxing. And how could it be otherwise, here is Electronic Arts to offer EA Sports UFC, a high-level game with good graphics, official fighters license, live events and one-on-one mode. Intense fights of the octagon but on the mobile.

Download EA Sports UFC for Android | iOS

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