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Five applications to save passwords safely on Android and iOS

Mobile devices have gone from being a simple communication tool to becoming an indispensable element in day to day life. From the mobile we carry out all kinds of management and many of them involve sensitive information and data. The ideal is to protect each service with different passwords and above all, that are not at all easy to decipher.

We say that this would be ideal, but we also know that remembering all of them is not an easy task. No, it is not worth keeping passwords in a note inside the mobile, the best thing if we are going to manage a good number of passwords is that we make use of an application that manages them safely. Let’s see some.



The first of the applications that we are going to present is also one of the most reputed and also, lately it is talking a lot about it for the purported intentions of purchase by Apple. Its operation, based on a master password, makes it one of the most secure password managers we can find at this time. It has a 30-day trial version and the monthly subscription costs less than 4.65 dollars.

Download 1Password | Android | iOS



LastPass arrives with a free version and a paid version. Like 1Password, all information is stored under a master password. The free version is quite complete and also allows us to protect files and notes inside the phone. As for the paid version, it adds a secure cloud storage option for files.

Download LastPass | Android | iOS



It is a less known application but it gives us all the benefits of those we have seen before. It is easy to use, with an intuitive interface and with its paid version (3.49 dollars per month), we can synchronize more devices and make backup copies.

Download Dashlane | Android | iOS

Sticky Password

There are also two versions of Sticky Password. The premium adds synchronization in the cloud and support for about 34.90 dollars/year. Both versions include a generator for secure logins and also password encryption under a single master password.

Download Sticky Password | iOS | Android



Bitwarden is a completely free open source manager that allows us to store data in a secure way and synchronize between devices. If we want an extra as safe storage or verification in two steps we can pay an annual subscription of 11.63 dollars.

Download Bitwarden | Android | iOS

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