Everything you can do with your old smartphone

Recently we talked about increasing the price of mobile phones is causing us to take more and more time to change the model. Meanwhile, the reconditioned mobile market has grown considerably, an indicator that giving a second chance to phones.

However, there are models that are perhaps too old or too deteriorated to have a second life in the market, what can we do in this case? We have many options and alternatives before opting for the not recommended option to throw them away.

Trash as a last option

The environmental impact of mobile phones is very high. According to the United Nations, around 50 million tons of electronic waste are generated annually throughout the world. This type of garbage could be reused between 70% and 90% with the appropriate treatment.

electronic waste

The increase of this type of waste leads to the diffusion of highly polluting components such as mercury, lithium or coltan, materials that if not treated properly, can be harmful to the environment and health. As we see recycling is of vital importance so let’s look at the available options.

Solidarity recycling

We have two options for recycling. On the one hand, we can choose to do it without any lucrative purpose. For this, several NGOs have different recycling plans through which the money obtained from the transfer of our phones is donated to different causes.

With solidarity recycling, the benefits obtained are donated by the NGOs to different causes

The waste management company assesses if the terminals can be repaired and give a second life with the consequent donation of the benefits obtained, or if they have to be recycled. In this second case, hazardous waste is managed in accordance with the regulations.

Recycling for money

If we want to take some money out of our old phone we also have the possibility of selling them to companies and in addition to making a correct waste management, we are paid for it. Currently there are quite a few available companies that perform this type of service.

Remember that it is possible in both cases that our phones do not end up being exploded, but maybe have a second life in the hands of someone, so do not forget to reset it with the factory settings before delivering it to prevent our personal data from being compromised.

Give it a new function

security cam

In addition to leaving the recycling of our mobile to third parties, we have the possibility of giving ourselves a second chance. It’s about looking for a new use away from being a mobile phone. One of the most used options is to convert our old phone into a surveillance camera for the house or for children, something that is as simple as installing one of these applications.

Another option is to leave it alone to play multimedia content, taking advantage of its internal storage capacity to free it from our main mobile. We can also have it as a secondary phone, to take it to places where we have the possibility of losing our mobile phone or stolen it (such as festivals) and even as an auxiliary phone in case our main phone suffers some kind of mishap.

Maybe it is not necessary to recycle it completely

Finally we propose a reflection exercise, is it necessary to get rid of the phone completely? Greenpeace launched a campaign by the hand of iFixit against the planned obsolescence in addition to showing their disapproval with the issue, it urges us to reflect if our phone deserves to be recycled or changed by another or if perhaps we could give it a new life by changing some of the components that degrade most like the battery.

smart phones

Within the campaign page we can see the degree of repairability and the ease with which components can be obtained depending on the model. It is without a doubt a very useful and complacent option both with the environment and with our pocket, which we should take into account before giving the final goodbye to our phone.

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