Emojicom, a tool to collect feedback on your website through emojis


If you have an online store, a blog or send a newsletter periodically, it is always interesting to collect direct feedback from our clients or readers in order to find out what we can improve. For example, there are many companies that send brief surveys, but it is something that does not attract the attention of users. Today we talk about Emojicom, a tool with which to collect feedback through emojis.

One of the thing that has caught our attention is the ease with which we can launch our own feedback section with emojis. For this, it is only necessary to choose between different sets of emojis and write the question to which we want our clients or users to respond. For example, we can include emojis of numbers, emojis that represent different moods or a thumbs up and another down.

In addition, one of the strengths of Emojicom is its compatibility with all types of different platforms. For example, we can configure the tool to collect feedback on Medium articles, a website hosted on WordPress, a Shopify store or, in general, on any HTML website.

Undoubtedly, we are facing a tool of the most interesting for all those who look for simpler and more intuitive ways to obtain direct feedback from different users. If you have noticed, you can start to take advantage of the tool potential for free through the Emojicom website.

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