The electronic book that can bury paper books

ReMarkable allows you to write or draw on a screen with the same flow as if you were using a pen on a piece of paper book.

The paper resists, stoic, compared to the advanced of tablets. In addition to the romantic aroma that unfolds in a new workbook – already invented a device to do this – the supporters of the more traditional form of reading argue that it is difficult to draw or write with fluency in electronic formats

The role continues to prevail in millions of pointers, notebooks, and loose sheets of paper that populate tables, desks, and any corner of the home or office. Toward them aims its canyons remarkable, claiming the use of the electronic ink (such as the Kindle Amazon) to read, which rests more the view compared to other systems like the iPad or the tablets based on Android systems or Windows.

And the most prominent feature is that pretends to be an electronic paper. The trick is in its ‘Pen’, whose weight and stroke is equal to any pen or pen, and that when you slide across the surface of the tablet has the same agility that if you wrote on paper. This combination of electronic pen and device creates an “ultra high friction”, and enables the screen can be cleared, marked with a cross or corrected more rapidly than any other tablet of electronic ink.


The device, which is presented in a screen of 10.3 inches, presents a great variety of formats: blank pages, with rows of various measures, blinkered, for technical drawing, etc. And the strokes that you write can be shared in the mobile phone or the computer.

As if it were a blank sheet, the tablet of remarkable is extremely minimalist, and unlike other devices, it does not come with browsers for web or applications that can distract: serves to read electronic books, documents or PDF’s, point in them and write. And nothing more.

What could be its greatest point against? The price. Like all new article, by now its cost of face to the public is too high: in your web, remarkable sells its product to 716 dollars (670 euros), between the 529 dollars of the tablet, 79 of the pen and other 79 of sleeve. At most, those who buy in advance can take advantage of the discount of 47% and acquire it by $379 (355 euros), but that is still a high price by removing the roles of above.

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