The easiest way to get better speed in your WiFi

Who does not dream with a faster Internet?

Unfortunately, beyond pray that your service provider offers the best rate you can pay and well-functioning constantly, there is little that you can do. However, when we speak of the WiFi connection, there are certain things inherent to the router that can cause variations in the speed without the guilt to be of your ISP, or your computer, or from the curse that affects all the generations of your family since 1892.

Choose the best transmission channel

But for some users more knowledgeable this may seem simple common sense or something that everyone should know, it is not. When you install a router to offer Internet connection in your home, the device chooses a channel of transmission of the signal automatically. The detail is that the router of your next-door neighbor, your neighbor of in front of your neighbor above, behind, all sides… does the same thing, and if all routers transmitting on the same channel, this is saturated and the speed of your Internet can be affected, a lot.

Very few people stop to configure to detail their routers, some even added a password, much less stop to choose the best channel of transmission. It is extremely simple and the best thing is that you can use a simple application to scan through the channels of transmission to your around and choose the best.

WiFi Analyzer

  • In Android you can use WiFi Analyzer
  • On Windows 10 also accounts with WiFi Analyzer
  • On OS X you can search the¬†Spotlight for “wireless diagnosis” tool.

Running any of these tools you will be able to know what is the optimum channel on which to transmit your router. Once you know it, make a speed test base and then opens the configuration of your router and change the channel.

In most cases you will be able to access the router configuration from the browser by typing the IP address or If you do not work, check the instructions for your device. In the section where you can configure the wireless connection, right in the same site where you choose the name of your WiFi network, you can change the channel, almost always say “automatic“, choose the best according to the above analysis and make a new test of speed. Happy Life.

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