Drawing notebooks that are art galleries of pocket

In Illusion Magazine, a collection of books of drawing that are themselves mobile art galleries,the notebook of drawing is a special place for an artist. It is like a playground; the place where you can test techniques and new images and where new ideas are born and styles which are then applied to the final works of the artist. But this is not always the case and sometimes the notebook is in itself a work of art, with pieces as refined as the which are hung on the wall.

Writes Sara Barnes on Artists Who Use her Sketchbook as Handhold Galleries, shared other examples of books of notes illustrated as galleries.The illustrations of classical architecture of Chema Pastrana (“architect become designer”), also track Illusion,are drawings and sketches during the career of architecture in the classes of Professor Joaquin Lorda who explained profusely and with enthusiasm every detail of the classical buildings and of the traditional construction.

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