‘ Detective Pikachu’, the live-action Pokemon movie hires director of ‘Padilla’

‘Pokemon Go’ fever has already dropped considerably, but coinciding with its launch virtually confirmed that Hollywood would make a film focusing on these unique creatures. Shortly after it was learned that tape was actually going to focus on ‘Detective Pikachu’, a video game released at the beginning of this year and now the news is that they have signed Rob Letterman so that you can turn it.

Some will remember to Letterman by having dealt with the estimable ‘nightmares’ (‘Goosebumps’), but the truth is that he had already previously made ‘Shark Tale’ (‘Shark Tale’), ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ (‘Monsters vs.) Aliens’) and ‘Gulliver’s travels’ (‘Gulliver’s Travels’). It is not a great filmography, but the best is the last one that has done, so we will have to have hopes to overcome with ‘Detective Pikachu’ again.

This way it seems that it completes the creative behind the film team, as Legendary already signed at the time Nicole Perlman and Alex Kirsch to deal with the script. This is precisely what arouses me a greater curiosity, since the first along with James Gunn wrote the screenplay for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’), while the second is the creator of ‘Gravity Falls’, an exceptional animated television series.

The history of the video game focused on a Pikachu that speaks and that it lacks the same strength as the rest of their species, but in Exchange is very intelligent, and claims to be a great detective. One day he meets a guy who is able to understand what it says and they form an Alliance to solve different mysteries. It sounds far removed from the usual vision of Pokemon, so it remains to be seen if that will not just playing against.

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