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Death Note: Japanese Anime to be produced by Warner Bros in English

Even today, Death Note is one of the most liked anime across the world in both children and adults. The Japanese Anime was specially dubbed into English to meet the fan base across the world which actually laid the foundation for remaking other Japanese Anime to English.

Warner Bros has been proactive in not leaving any chances that would allow them to remake Japanese Anime. “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Godzilla” are some prime examples of Warner Bros adaption of Anime into English movies. It is now the turn of Death Note. The directorial role may be given to classic horror director Adam Wingard who had by now already created a mark in the industry with movies like “The Guest” and “V/H/S”. The past experience of United States when adopting Japanese Live action anime has been bad with “Dragonball Z” Evolution” which only got a 2.8 in IMDB ratings.

While the prime character considered for Light Yagami for now is known to be 1994 born┬áNat Wolff who is known for his role in”Fault in Our Stars”.

Death Note EnglishThis young actor is good with his looks but does he actually fit in the role of the dark Light Yagami role?? Most of the opinions say no. Let’s hope the cast for the remaining characters will be better and the VFX and Graphics would be as good as the Japaness live action movie. We will keep you posted on the updates.

Nat Wolff Death Note

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