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How to master the video editing so that your videos highlight

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video consumption has experienced a boost unprecedented thanks to high speed WiFi connections / 4 G and mobile phones, which allow you to view a video in any corner of the planet. So any brand or means of communication has its own YouTube channel, Facebook, Vimeo or similar.

This should add the facility to record and upload a video. And even edit it is easy, directly from your phone or tablet or from your computer, with tools like Windows Media Maker, movie or Filmora, among others.

Manage your video to be seen or not depends on a good visual effect, a direct and agile narration or a professional presentation, while you record the video at home. Here lies the importance of video editing, and why we are going to review some tips and creative ideas to make your video stand out.


So important is the image as the sound that accompanies it. That is why having a good soundtrack will make your video call more attention.

A strong song for an action short, a dark melody for a short film of terror or even sound effects like the waves of the sea or playing bells, they highlighted the scene and make it more authentic. In addition, if the own video editor offers songs and sound resources, such as Filmora, that time you save.


Every movie has its credit titles, at the beginning and at the end. By very short that is your video, also need to introduce yourself or give the name of your video at the beginning or at the end.

You can use regular white letters, but if you want to draw attention, why not adapt titles to theme? Words that are drawn in colors on the screen, posters that appear from one side and disappear for another, bands of color effects or even classical letters which come up from the bottom. The possibilities are endless.


Online videos are short. That is why you should speed up your video cutting what slows down the action. The most practical solution is the transition, such as an instant cutting or artistic m├│dena chords to your video.

Transitions will give rhythm to your creations, and will also give you a personal and creative touch.


As instagram, editing as Filmora tools feature with image filters that help to create a climate.

If your video is terror, a dark filter will go you good, one bright and colorful for a lively or funny video and you can even apply filters to resource narrative mode and deform the image effect of flashback or fantasy. Filmora users also have a store of professional effects sorted by different topics to edit their own videos.


If you are recording a tutorial, includes arrows, text boxes, and other elements that highlight and focus attention on a point of the screen. If you want to display multiple images at a time, can not split the screen?

Wonder share Filmora, for example, allows you to split the screen in two, three, or four parts of different sizes to show a mosaic of videos that complement each other, a creative resource and gives rhythm to the video. In addition, it offers a selection of figures static and animated with garnish and accompany your narrative.

For users who are beginning in the field of video editing, we can consider home, we recommend to use programs like Windows Media Maker, movie or Filmora. Subsequently, and if we climb towards professional uses we can use Adobe Premiere, Avid or Final Cut.

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