ConvertCalculator, to create custom calculators for websites


ConvertCalculator is an interesting tool aimed at all those who need to incorporate a custom calculator to their websites. To do this, this tool allows them to configure interactive calculators according to the needs of their respective websites in a matter of minutes without needing technical knowledge.

You can contemplate any type of situation that may need calculation, either the distance between two points to make a trip, the price of several nights in a hotel, among other possible that are aimed at encouraging sales. In fact, this tool includes capabilities to generate order lists, and even the possibility that users can make their payments directly through the integrated calculator.

When configuring a calculator, it can be used from the simplest functions to more complex functions, supporting almost 400 complex formulas. It is also a freemium tool, there is a first free plan that allows you to create a calculator for any website that does not exceed 100 monthly visits.

Then a series of plans follows, two of them with the possibility of accepting online payments, with the platform remaining with a small percentage as a transaction fee. Those interested can check the official website to learn more about it.

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