ClapCharts, to discover new talents of music around the world

If you have a wonderful voice and you want the world to discover you, pay attention, because there is an app that can help you.

This is ClapCharts, a platform that aims to detect promising musical talents, based on the attention of listeners. They are always in contact with artists, listeners and music professionals, and for this they have several options.

On the one hand they have an iOS and Android application for listeners to discover new music, as well as the website for artists to promote their latest songs. On the other hand they have ClapCharts Scouting, for professionals and media who want to see trend artists who obtained the validation of listeners.

ClapCharts is available for all artists.

There are only 2 conditions:

1. Subscriptions are currently open to genres of pop music, rock, folk, hip hop and electronic music (soon other genres will be added).

2. You must all make sure that the uploaded music does not infringe anyone’s rights. Each track can be loaded only once.

Once the song is uploaded, several listeners will be asked if they like it. To make this meaningful, listeners are only asked for songs that match their musical taste, several listeners give their opinion and are selected at random.

The ratings are based solely on listener comments. The Instant Chart playlist presents the 20 main tracks that match the genre selection at the time they are generated.

Once the topics are loaded, listeners will be asked to review their track. As soon as you have enough comments, the online time will begin and you can log in to the website at any time to verify the follow-up activity. The ranking of the audios in the playlists of the application will evolve depending on the response of the audience.

Other platforms, such as spotify, allow our music to be available to listeners, but that’s it. ClapCharts is a promotional service, its objective is to increase the visibility, to get the music discovered by listeners, media and music professionals. ClapCharts is complementary to streaming services and is intended to be used when new music is launched.

ClapCharts is in contact with hundreds of media from around the world, including radios, web radios, blogs and professionals in the music industry, so the opportunities increase.

Register in mobile application is free, and the creation of an artist account on the website is free as well. They have a price page to get more details about their subscriptions.

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