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website security

Create a web page and upload it online is no easy task, but thanks to the current tools increasingly costs less, effort and money. Using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal and a free standard server, in a matter of minutes you’ve configured your own website, which you can customize most very successful thanks to the available templates. In addition, with the help of utilities you can place SEO in a good position in any search engine.

But it is possible that you have not thought about everything, for example, in the security of your website. Over time, it is possible that you forget to update your content management system, or you simply do not activate the relevant options and your site is vulnerable to certain attacks, causing it to hang or to stop operating correctly.

Then go to see some tools of analysis that you will serve to check the security of your web page, finding errors of design, vulnerabilities and others oversights that can solve so your site is more stable. They are free, work from the browser and will give you comprehensive results in a few minutes.

Keep in mind that they only detect problems. To fix you will have to activate the corresponding options in your CMS, install the latest version (including plug-ins and extensions), or if you lack sufficient knowledge, opt for the help of a professional or someone with more experience. In addition, to better fine-tune results it is suitable use two or more of these tools and compare results.

We started with Observatory, the tool offered by Mozilla in a disinterested way. Firefox makers thus facilitating this scan task to developers, system administrators, security professionals and, in general, anyone who has their own website and you can not afford this dropping by an oversight on security.

Observatory scores from zero to sixty and with a grade from A to F. To do so, makes 11 different checks, such as use of cookies, redirection to HTTPS, modified Javascript / XSS protection, etc. In addition to its own tests, it integrates analysis of other similar services, such as SSL Labs (TLS/SSL) or Security Headers (HTTP).

The results of the analysis that you have requested we must add the list of previous scans, to get an idea of how other pages are. When performing your own analysis, you can specify that you don’t want that your website is part of the list.

Scan My Server

One of the search engines of most solvents and complete web vulnerabilities is Scan My Server, which analyzes possible malware and vulnerabilities, SQL, PHP and XSS, among others.

Results are shown in the form of graphics where security problems are categorized according to their gravity. It also scores of 1 to 100 and letters (from A to F) and displays the list of errors found with a brief explanation.

To facilitate future analyses and to save the results and access them later, you have the option to create a free account.

Qualys FreeScan

After free registration, Qualys FreeScan offers a very extensive report on vulnerabilities found organized by level of dangerousness and the list of errors found with a brief explanation.

It uses the parameters of the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) project and the Protocol SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol), two international standards of security and web vulnerability.

As incentive, also indicates the patches and updates necessary to resolve the errors found, very handy to correct the problem on our own without having to consult another source.

Quttera Scan

Quttera provides advice and web security solutions, and is also a scanner of vulnerabilities and malware free and compatible with most current CMS, like Drupal, WordPress and Magento, among his tools.

With Quttera Scan, you will get information about possible malicious files that infect your website and those who have access to it. The analysis takes its time, but the results will give you an idea in the form of detailed report.

Sucuri SiteCheck

Another good option to detect possible malware, errors and outdated software is Sucuri SiteCheck, indicating also if your page has been included on some black list such as Norton, ESET or SiteAdvisor security tools.

The analysis is free, even though it offers solutions to problems encountered through a monthly paid subscription which includes cleaning malware, monitoring, etc.

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