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Cheap two-wheeled balancing vehicle could explode in London not to play

London Fire Brigade said in London that in October this year there had been at least two fire damages because of the 2 wheel balancing vehicles . In order to reduce the security implications this car could bring and keeping it’s nature of newness in the market, United Kingdom police have said use of this balance car in public areas will be classified as an unlawful act.

self balanced car

Tencent Cyber (ExyPnos) analysed that the balance car is the market’s most closely watched category of product, and prices have declined sharply over the last year or two, consumers don’t spend much money, and most of the buyers only consider it a play toy. But according to foreign media reports, United Kingdom Government recently released a statement warning consumers not to buy cheap balance cars as there may be some quality issues that pose a threat to the personal safety of users, or even explosion.

United Kingdom Government Department says some regular stores sell balance cars with quality whose price is generally about £300-600, but some auction sites, as well as some of the cheap social media marketing site priced the car at about £100, which was very cheap. A Department official said he had even seen a balanced car blaze, and said one of the battery cells may be the reason for spontaneous combustion.

Recently United Kingdom also had many balance-related security incidents, such as a balanced car caught fire while being charged, causing losses of up to £25000 to users. In addition, London fire brigade now wants to take serious action on any seller trying to sell cheap balance cars to consumers.

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