You can already see Netflix offline

Now you can carry your favorite series airborne.

At last. One of the features most desired by the users has been the official Netflix apps for iOS and Android. We are obviously talking about offline function, mode allowing downloading chapters and movies in our device memory to be able to play them more later without having internet connection.

It was a feature that made much sense, when traveling by airplane are many that cast less to be able to watch your favorite series. Not to mention trying to see a chapter making use of data from our phone, something unthinkable at the prices in Spain.


Anyway, it is necessary to clarify that the offline feature will not be available in all content, even if there is enough material available, and not for all devices (you need iOS 8.0 or higher and Android 4.4.2 above). Narcos, Orange is The New Black and The Crown are available to download from today, so if you haven’t seen any of those already you have occasion to test the new function.

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