The best apps of the week

Sketchable, Clip Layer, Partly Sunny, Duet Pro and Bear.

Once again, the best apps of the week back to Hypertext. These are the selected for this Edition:

Bear (iOS, macOS). Application notes easy interface and powerful functions. The perfect replacement for those who begin to reject Evernote but cannot find a decent alternative. Available for free at iOS and macOS with a model of optional subscription which adds several features extras.

Duet Pro (iOS, macOS). Do you have an iPad Pro and a MacBook? With Duet Pro you can integrate your work flow with Mac all the advantages of the iPad Pro. You can use it as an extra monitor at a high speed, make use of the Apple Pencil and a perfect colour spectrum. Essential in this selection of the best apps of the week.

Partly Sunny (iOS). If you are looking for a new application to see the weather in iOS, Partly Sunny is one of the latest alternatives to emerge in the App Store. It comes with a simple, clear, full of information and very user-friendly interface. In addition, it has multiple functions as a dark subject, rain, humidity, etc.

Clip Layer (Android). It is not no surprise that Microsoft decides to launch applications on Android. His latest creation is Clip Layer, a manager of Clipboard is gaining the hearts of a large part of the users of the platform.

Sketchable (Windows). One of the first applications compatible with the Surface Dial, allows users to develop their creativity on any Windows device with touch screen. It is more specially suited for Surface Book, Surface Pro and Surface Studio products.

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