The best applications of 2016

2016 has left us with great tools for mobile phones, tablets and computers. These are the best.

2016 has been a year excellent for the development of software. Independent developers and large companies have launched new applications that transform the way in which computers and mobile phones enable us work and enjoy. These are the best applications of 2016:

Spark (macOS, iOS)

Spark (macOS, iOS)

Readdle has launched Spark to iOS in 2015. The email client came to the App Store with various features that facilitate and enhance all aspects of email management. Features that, in 2016, have reached the macOS platform where Spark has become one of the most recommended customers and attractive email.

Ulysses (macOS, iOS)


As part of its expansion program, Ulysses landed on the iPhone in 2016 , bringing all the benefits of the software desktop and iPad the most popular product of the Cupertino company. Thanks to this and the many options offered, Ulysses has become the best text editor for writers , especially those who work with markdown.

Airmail (macOS, iOS)

Airmail app

After reaping a great success in macOS, Airmail landed on iOS and won the hearts of many power-users. In addition to cross-platform integration, Airmail integrates with multiple external services and offers all the features an advanced e-mail user may want.

PDF Expert (macOS)

PDF Expert 5 from Readdle Inc. on Vimeo.

As happened with Spark, Readdle took PDF Expert to Mac. And with it, came the best PDF document editor of the Mac App Store. Simple, full of functions and effective. In addition, it syncs all documents and changes with its parallel version for iOS

MSQRD (iOS, Android)


The application MSQRD gained great importance in early 2016, becoming acquired by Facebook (for obvious reasons). Thanks to MSQRD, it was possible to apply filters and masks in real time to anyone, resulting in very fun and attractive little photos and video clips.

Prisma (iOS, Android)

prisma app

Chosen by Apple as the best application of the year, Prisma could not miss the best selection of applications 2016. Its innovative filters completely changed the way that pictures taken with smartphones sported. And, above all, they gave a very original touch. Essential among the best applications of 2016.

Adobe Photoshop Fix (iOS, Android)

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix is the proposal Adobe photo editing on-the-go. Delete elements of a photo, edit properties by zones, etc. During 2016, Photoshop Fix came to Android, thus expanding the potential audience of the application.

Gboard (iOS, Android)

Gboard, very briefly, is a keyboard for iOS and Android. But, basically, it is a new concept of keyboard that changes the natural concept of “keyboard” . Throughout 2016, it reached both iOS and Android.

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