Top 10 Best Android Games 2019

Racing Car Driving Simulator 3D was the best car simulator in 2017, this was thanks to its advanced graphics engine that made it look very realistic. In this spectacular game, you can drive, deviate, park and feel the power of a real racing car. Here you can drive many racing cars which will turn you into a real driver. In this game we can find several forms of games within which we find; perform stunts, extreme car races among others. If you want to feel the true thrill of driving a racing car, you can download this game for free here in the description of this video. Download

Flight Sim 2018 If you have ever wondered how it feels to drive an airplane, or how difficult it is to plan it, this is undoubtedly the best simulation of aircraft that can exist for Android devices. Here we can find an extensive open world which we can explore without problem, with an incredible selection of planes and planes. What really catches the attention of this game is the possibility of flying around the map and going through countless real cities and airports. It is recommended to play with headphones to be able to increase a better audio experience. Download

Modern Combat 5 Blackout is one of the FPS pioneers that you can find today, no doubt update after update is still one of the best FPS available today. Here you can put yourself in combat on the battlefield and enjoy its amazing graphics, with powerful pistols and intense multiplayer action. In addition, you can also enjoy the individual mode which allows you to enter an amazing campaign which will have to fight and open the way to extreme situations to save the world and disrupt the enemy’s apocalyptic plans. If you want a real battle online or individually, go to the description of the video and download this game. to download

Fortnite has become one of the most played battle royale in the world on major platforms such as Xbox one, play station and computers. Currently epic games has done an excellent job optimizing this game for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. Fortnite currently has a great challenge, and it is able to be compatible in medium and low range devices, which requires a lot of work. Among the main strengths of this battle royales, is the possibility of building buildings in the territory to use them in defense mode against other enemies. There we will find weapons, raw materials among other skills to be able to be the first in the battle. Download

Off The Road is another new all-terrain vehicle driving simulator from an extensive open world. You can drive vehicles through hills and mountains, get on boats and explore several islands and take helicopters to fly freely over the chasms of the mountains. Within its spectacular graphics we find a model of realistic damage for all vehicles, falls and accidents will distort the chassis of vehicles. Additional tire pressure is simulated and deformed based on the race. In itself, this is a complete game for true lovers of driving. Download

Free Fire is a third-person open-world battlegrounds very inspired by the PUBG, where 50 players must face each other in order to achieve survival and be the last to stay alive and win the game. This game has very good graphics and excellent optimization which we can play it from a low-end cell phone. The gameplay is very simple thanks to the easy access of the options on the screen. Free fire compared to PUBG Mobile, only has games of 50 players and an average duration of 15 minutes. In download link of this and the other games in the top, will be available in the description of this video. to download

Mortal Kombat X is a spectacular fighting game in two dimensions which we can choose legendary characters from this franchise as sub-zero, Reptil, Johny Cage, Rayden among many more characters. The gameplay is very simple and intuitive for an excellent gaming experience from mobile devices. The mechanics of the game goes on escalating battles and defeating characters in order to earn points and add improvements to our characters. The graphics of these games are very good, the graphic model of the characters is very good, and the fatalities are spectacular, almost similar to the consoles and PC. Download

Pubg Mobile is the international version of PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds and my favorite game on Android devices. In this splendid game we can enjoy a frantic battle with 100 people in different maps which are available to fight and be the last to stay and win the battle. The average battle time is 30 minutes, which makes it a very attractive game and allows us to immerse ourselves much longer in the epic battles. The game is a bit heavy and demanding so in most low-end devices it will not work properly. This game has the best graphics in its category, a very friendly gameplay and the ability to customize both the character and the settings of the game for better optimization. Download

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which many of us have played on other platforms such as PC, PS and Xbox. What most attracts the attention of this game legend is its history, the characters, the gameplay and its wide open world which we can explore sim problems. This excellent remastering is in the best version so we can enjoy it on our device. The graphics are very well optimized for our phone, the range of colors is much better and the structure of the characters and finally the buttons on the screen are perfect to play without stopping this excellent living legend. Download

Asphalt 9: Legends which is among the best car games on Android platforms even competes with the famous need for speed. Here we can enjoy driving spectacular cars from the best car manufacturers such as: Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. This is definitely the perfect game for lovers of racing cars. The graphics are dazzling which makes seeing the real cars in great detail with incredible HDR techniques and wonderful visual effects which make you feel as if you were in a real movie theater. to download

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