Artificial intelligence is the key to Microsoft to improve your facial recognition system

Does anyone remember the use of passwords or unlock patterns to access our mobile? They are increasingly less used as a result of new unlocking methods more secure and comfortable to use that little by little have become popular among the different models since their arrival in the high range.

The fingerprint readers, once touched almost perfection of operation, have made way for the iris reader (used by Samsung for example) or Face ID, the system devised by Samsung. However, despite the good impressions they offer, they still keep away from the good behavior of the fingerprint reader, a disadvantage that leads brands to work on improving facial recognition systems.

Decrease the error rate

And that’s what they’re doing from Microsoft as advertised on the company’s official blog . They are focusing their efforts so that facial identification systems acquire more benefits when working with different users.

New developments that are able to recognize with great precision the sex of the people regardless of the color of the skin. The reason is that the errors are more numerous in those subjects that offer a darker coloration compared to the greater certain in the people of clear complexion.

Microsoft has improved its facial recognition system with the aim of eliminating the highest error rate in dark-skinned subjects. Have come to reduce the error rate by 20%.

facial recognisation

To reach this improvement they have supported the use of Artificial intelligence, which works with real statistical data in order to develop solutions that end this problem. A base that supports the work of different teams of professionals.

For this purpose, Artificial intelligence technologies (AI) perform a work based on the data collected from the different profiles that can be found in society to develop a pattern on which to work.

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