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Apps to use your smartphone as a mouse or trackpad on your PC

To control it to distance and without cables.

At the beginning it was the keyboard. It was the only way to enter orders on your computer. Then came the mouse, stylus, attendees voice, hand gestures and even the controls of your video game console. Why not also your mobile devices?

Without cables, via WiFi or Bluetooth, you can use your tablet or smart phone as a mouse or trackpad easily and with the help of one of the many apps available for this purpose. Most current computers are supported Bluetooth and WiFi, so you will only have to install the app, that it recognize your PC and start to control it with your new mouse or trackpad.

Using your smart phone to control your PC or Mac may be helpful to, for example, to control your Home Media Center without connecting a keyboard, to replace an old or broken, mouse to give a second life to an old Android phone or iPhone and even to use the smart phone as a remote control in a presentation.

Remote Mouse

One of the apps to use your smart phone as a mouse, track pad, keyboard, or remote control complete is Remote Mouse (Android, iOS).

The main advantage of Remote Mouse is that it has different controls according to the use you want to give. It even allows turning off, Hibernate or restart the computer from the special buttons.

To use it you have to install version mobile on your Android or iPhone/iPad and desktop on your PC (Windows/Linux) or Mac version. The connection is via WiFi and works very well.

Mouse Kit

Intended to control presentations to distance and as a mouse or track pad, Mouse Kit (Android, iOS) is another good option to consider. He is installed as a Remote Mouse: first the mobile app and then desktop Mobile Buddy app (Windows / Mac).

As mouse, it offers the usual buttons in addition to multitouch function. It also includes keyboard, with normal and special keys, and as a control for presentations, offers buttons to move forward or back, close the presentation, return to the home page, etc.

Mobile Mouse Remote

With a design and very neat features, Mobile Mouse Remote is another great way to convert your smart phone into remote control, mouse and much more.

You install the mobile app for Android, iPhone and iPad and then the Server version for Windows and Mac and ready.

Mobile Mouse Remote serves as a mouse or track pad with functions of drawing and handwriting as a graphic tablet, keyboard in several languages, special keys, etc. It also has a paid version with many more features and controls for different apps and tasks.

Remote Link

The manufacturer of computers and devices ASUS offers its own app to use your smart phone as a mouse or track pad. Also, has function of keyboard, remote control for presentations and control the playback of video or music, depending on which program you have open.

Available for Android, Remote Link works for WiFi and Bluetooth. As in the previous cases, you will have to install the app for Windows.

Wireless Mouse

As its name indicates, WiFi Mouse connect your smart phone to your PC or Mac via WiFi to remotely control it and use it as a mouse driver playback, keyboard with special functions and even control of games.

He has app for Android, iPhone and iPad, as well as Server version for Windows, Mac and Linux remote control. In your page you’ll find all the installers.

The free version serves as a mouse and keyboard. Once configured, it works at all times when you start the computer. The paid version includes additional features such as special keys, control media playback, management PowerPoint presentations and actions of shutdown or restart of the PC/Mac.

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