Apps to find the best memes and funny videos

Tomorrow’s memes will be born there.

Apps to find the best memes and funny videos
We all happened to open a video on YouTube for a few minutes and spend hours chaining a video related after another, and that in this video portal we find oddities, pearls or how we want to call funny and funny videos, whether or not that their intent.

But if we talk about memes, jokes and funny videos, there are more options to find the latest meme or the latest fashion that unseat “Andy is Coming” or “Backpack Kid Dance”, to cite two viral examples.

Then the best video portals specializing in jokes, viral videos, memes and funny videos. For all tastes.


If someone shares with you a viral meme or video, it has probably come out of 9GAG, the reference portal for non-stop laughing with videos, photos and animated GIFs.

In 9GAG there is everything, organized by sections and by novelty, relevance or if it is fashionable at that time. In addition, it is very easy to share your content on social networks.

Another advantage is that it has official mobile application to enjoy fun videos of 9GAG from your Android or IPhone/IPad.


Short videos, viral and funny GIFs. In BuzzVideo (Android, iPhone/iPad) you will find all kinds of fun and extravagant content.

Of course, BuzzVideo allows to share the videos and images, indicate that you liked and even comment.

And if you don’t like their recommendations, you can navigate through the different sections available.


Another of the portals of reference is Reddit, a forum of forums that gives answers to any question or doubt that you have on any subject.

But Reddit also has a sense of humor, and shows that is the number of subforums or subreddits specializing in memes and funny and viral videos.

Through the search engine or the subreddits drop-down menu, you will surely find specialized forums on unimaginable topics where you can spend hours watching videos, images and animated GIFs.

As a sample, memes or Photoshop battles, where you will see the mastery and creativity of Reddit users.

For granted, Reddit has its own official apps for (Android, iPhone/iPad).

Funny Or Die

If you drive the English, a portal that should not be missing from your favorite list is Funny or Die, where you will find geniuses based on popular movies or series and even starring known actors.

In Funny or Die you will not find memes or viral, but yes parodies and original content with references and jokes for the most astute. In addition to videos, it includes images and GIFs. And you can even contribute by climbing your own humor content.

Funny Or Die is available via web and from your apps for (Android,iphone/ipad)


If you want to know what videos are the most viral of that time in social networks, try Trendis, a portal that searches YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other sources and offers the content more shared and organized by Humor, Sports, Entertainment, etc.

Trendis also has its own apps for (Android,iPhone, iPad).

Among other things, you can indicate that a video you liked or not, save it in your favorite list of Trendis and/or share it on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Reddit mainly).

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