Apple patent application for self-healing developed waterproof iPhone

Apple introduced a new patent application , made of synthetic rubber with self-healing capabilities which is  used to cover the device interface.

Apple water proof iPhone

Apple has come up with a way to help the device waterproofing, sealing material that is using the self-repair function to cover the equipment on all interfaces.

Apple has introduced a new patent applications, which involved a kind of hidden connections of the electronic equipment. The patent application document explains in detail how to use a synthetic rubber with self-healing capabilities to cover devices of various interfaces such as USB interface and the headphone jack.

Materials that can prevent water and small waste into the device and damage equipment. When using device interfaces are required, users just insert the connector or connectors elastomers on the line. After use, unplug the connector, from the interface and elastomers can automatically recover.

Of course, not all patent applications from Apple will be applied to the final product. Patent applications submitted each year are in hundreds and are for hundreds of items. Many patents are only for purely experimental, crowding the opponent or simply from a legal perspective.

But this time, Apple seems to be really interested in developing water-proof devices. It is never mentioned in the ad that iPhone had waterproof performance, but it can be seen from most new iPhone 6s dismantling analysis, it does add some new internal gaskets and sealing materials, that will prevent damage to internal components because of water.Some YouTube users have discovered, even though they fully immersed the iPhone will not damage it.

Other smartphone companies self-healing techniques are also appearing slowly from the shadows. For example, the LG g-Flex Mobile phone is said to have a rear cover plate with the ability to repair itself which can fix scratches and marks on the back cover.Apple is expected to be release in the fall of 2016, it’s new lineup iPhone 7,though it’s not clear whether Apple will apply the new patented technology to the product. But don’t expect Apple to give us some hints or clues, as it also did not comment on market rumors or speculation till now.

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