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The best emulators for Apps and games

Android for Windows

Android is Google’s operating system for mobile devices, i.e., phones and tablets. There are also some computers with pre-installed Android. But, and if you only want to have Android on PC to play some games or use some apps while keeping your current operating system, Windows, or MacOS?

The solution lies in the emulators, programs that copy a compatible device (hardware) using software requirements. Thus, Android can run through these emulators while at the same time using Windows or MacOS without problems.

Google offers its own Android emulator for developers. I.e. If you want to create an app for Android, you can use your development environment Android Studio that integrates an emulator. However, for the layman in programming, use this emulator is very complicated and is also very limited, because it shows a version of Android completely clean and practically useless except to test an app from your code.

See a list of the best emulators for Android on PC and Mac so you can enjoy games and Android apps on your computer at full screen.


The most popular Android emulator is BlueStacks. It was one of the first and has been known to maintain in head thanks to its constant evolution and improvement.

It is focused mainly on implementation of Android games but also serves to test and use normal applications. Moreover, it has its own selection so that you install them with a mouse click.

Available for Windows and Mac, is designed to use apps and games without seeing an Android desktop to use at any time. And as one of its most innovative features highlights the integration of Twitch to relay your games online in this popular service of streaming for gamers.


If you are looking for something more like Android, but almost as easy to use as BlueStacks, you should try Andy, another old acquaintance of Android on PC emulators.

In the case of Andy, you will see a desktop that is very similar to the Android but adapted to a Windows/Mac desktop. He has the officers organized and pre-installed Android applications, you can add that you want, in addition to games. So if you want to use applications instead of games, it is possible that Andy is best for you.

Installing applications is very easy, because it integrates the official store for Android, Google Play, and also to run applications fits the size of the main window of the app in question, and can virtually turn the screen as you would do with your phone or tablet.


Other not so popular but just as practical emulator is Droid4X, available for Windows and Mac. Its objective is that you can play full screen Android on PC or Mac games and using your cell phone as a remote control.

To do this, you must install the client on your PC/Mac, on one side, and the controller app on your Android or iOS. So you have your own Android games console.


In Player you will find another powerful Android emulator on PC, only available for Windows.

It will be very useful for apps like games, and among its unique features allows you to use multiple user accounts online and record and share your video games. In addition, it recommends games and apps that work perfectly in this emulator.

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